2021 January Update


No changes.


Clarified Rule 11.

Parts of abilities which bring other card(s) you own from outside the game into the game (such as Living Wish; Spawnsire of Ulamog; Karn, the Great Creator) do not function in Commander.

We’ve had some questions about Karn, the Great Creator’s -2 ability and whether the parts of it that don’t refer to outside the game work. They do, so we added a couple of words to remove any ambiguity from the rule. The goal is to set the default space for outside the game to empty and let playgroups choose amongst themselves if they want to fill it with anything.


Expansion of the Commander Advisory Group.

The Commander Advisory Group continues to be the best idea we’ve ever had.  The passionate and insightful advice we’ve gotten from them on a broad range of Commander-related topics has been invaluable.  We’d like more of that.  

To that end, we will be expanding the size of the CAG.  For now, we’re adding four people who represent some of the marvelous voices filling out the Commander chorus.  Jim LaPage (@JimTSF) is well known for his community-building and keen Magic mind.  Another sharp Magic brain, Rachel Weeks (@wachelreeks) is also co-host of The Commander Sphere podcast and graphic artist who has been a frequent guest on the Commander RC Twitch stream.  DeQuan Watson (@powrdragn) is a long-time Magic community advocate and activist who hosts the Color of Magic podcast.  US Army Major Greg Sablan (@gregorysablan), who we’ve been chatting with for more than a year now, represents the vast global military Commander community.  You can read everyone’s full bios here.  We’re excited to have them on board and happy to have their help taking the format into the future. 

There’s still work to be done and room for a few more seats on the CAG.  We’re aware that we still have underrepresented demographics and locations.  You can expect our efforts to search for, find, and amplify great voices around the world to continue, both for CAG consideration and to further foster the values of our great Commander community.