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Archetune-Up – Keep on Yarok-ing on! 🤘

( l Art by Daarken) Hit Me Baby, One More Time! Hello, and welcome back to Archetune-Up, a weekly article series devoted to tweaking a deck with the help of the EDHREC Theme pages! Over the next three articles I’ll be once again looking at reader-submitted decks, since there are a few in my queue that […]

Forgotten Harvest – Ragnar Regenerates

( | Art by Melissa Benson) Regenerating Degenerates And so we find ourselves on the precipice of yet another Forgotten Harvest, gearing up to talk about cards in 300 decks or less on EDHREC and how they fit into a terribly, horribly wonderful deck. This time, prepare to travel back in time almost a year, […]

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