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Brushstrokes of Power: The Continuing Impact of MTG Card Alters on Commander

Greetings, fellow Planeswalkers! It’s Greg Sablan, your Commander Advisory Group (CAG) representative supporting the military through the Alliance of Military Magic Players and the MTG network of Professional Alters Artists, especially yours truly at Sablan MTG Alters. Today, let’s delve yet again into the mesmerizing world of MTG card alterations and how these artists, wielding brushes like wizards wield wands, contribute to the allure of the popular Commander format. Although this article is long overdue
with the CAG’s absorption of three additional members last year, it is never too late to highlight the extraordinary talent of these amazing artists. If you liked my last article featured here and the gallery of works posted previously, don’t despair, there’s more!

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Rebell’s Competitive Symphony: An Altered Sisay, Weatherlight Captain by Dave “SK” of SK Altered

For the competitive mind of Rebell Son @SonRebell, the quest for strategic supremacy led her to a unique collaboration with the talented Dave “SK” of SK Altered. In this storyline, Sisay, Weatherlight Captain, the legendary leader, underwent a transformative alteration, becoming a visual symphony of competitive EDH flavors.

Dave, with his keen understanding of competitive nuances as seen on The Grindstone, crafted an altered Sisay that highlighted key elements of the deck’s strategy. Each stroke of the brush became a strategic note, creating a visual symphony that resonated with Rebell’s approach to competitive EDH. The altered card marked a navigational tool, visually guiding Rebell to pass through uncharted territory and the intricate web of synergies and strategies inherent in competitive play.

As Rebell surveyed her deck, the altered Sisay became not just a tool for victory but a visual representation of cedh in its entire glory. This storyline exemplifies how MTG card alters, crafted with strategic intent, enhance the competitive narrative within the Commander format; thus, adding layers of visual complexity to the intricate dance of competitive gameplay.

Benjamin Wheeler’s Dark Souls Tale: A Masumaro, First to Live Altered by Rachel Kester of Bay Paint Studios

Imagine a world where the haunting landscapes of Dark Souls come to life on the canvas of Magic: The Gathering cards. Such was the reality for Benjamin Wheeler @BWheelerMTG of Loading Ready Run, when he received an altered Masumaro, First to Live, a legendary creature transformed into a masterpiece by the talented Rachel Kester of BayPaintStudios. In this riveting narrative, Masumaro emerged from the shadows, donning the thematic
elements of Dark Souls. Rachel’s deft strokes captured the essence of the game, infusing Masumaro with the ominous atmosphere and indomitable spirit of Dark Souls’ challenging adventures. The altered card not only became a strategic addition to Benjamin’s Commander deck but also a testament to the fusion of gaming worlds through artistry.

Benjamin, entranced by the marriage of Dark Souls and Magic: The Gathering, found himself drawn deeper into the story that continues to unfold with every game. The altered Masumaro became a talisman of perseverance, reflecting both the strategic prowess of the card and the evocative narrative that accompanied it. This exemplifies how card alterations transcend gameplay, adding layers of storytelling that resonate within the Commander community. You can also watch Ben’s game with friends on Tolarian Community
College’s Shuffle Up and Play #32 where he highlighted Masumaro here.

Tim Willoughby’s Cultural Odyssey: An Altered Hua
Tuo, Honored Physician by Laura Foex of Lur Altered

In the heart of Rule Zero London, Tim Willoughby @timswheelbarrow, an MTG aficionado and owner of the famous games bar of the same name, embarked on a cultural odyssey when he received an altered Hua Tuo, Honored Physician from the skilled hands of Laura Foex of Lur_Altered. The card, transformed into a traditional Asian canvas art piece, became a bridge between Tim’s appreciation for art, culture, and the intricate world of Magic the Gathering.

Laura’s artistic prowess breathed life into Hua Tuo, elevating the card into a masterpiece that transcended its utilitarian function. The altered card became a homage to traditional Asian aesthetics, showcasing the fusion of artistry and cultural appreciation. Tim, a
collector with an eye for the extraordinary, found himself not only with a strategic asset for his Commander deck but also with a visual masterpiece that spoke to the soul.

As Tim shuffled his deck, the altered Hua Tuo transported him into a realm where brushstrokes told tales of healing, honor, and the timeless beauty of Asian art. Laura Foex’s creation embodied the interconnectedness of artistic expression and gaming, illustrating how MTG card alters contribute to a narrative that extends beyond the battlefield.

Altered Artworks and its Impact on Commander: A Canvas of Artistry and Strategy

In the grand tapestry of the Commander format, artists who alter MTG cards contribute brushstrokes that elevate the game beyond its mechanical components. These stories, weaving competitive EDH flavors, Dark Souls themes, and even traditional Asian
aesthetics into altered cards, illustrate the profound impact of artistry on the Commander landscape.

Card alterations become not just visual enhancements but conduits for storytelling, cultural appreciation, and competitive strategy. They transform the act of playing into a visual and narrative journey, creating a shared experience that resonates within the EDH community. As we celebrate the artistic alchemy of MTG card alters, let us remember that each brushstroke adds not only to the aesthetic appeal but to the collective narrative of our beloved format. Through these alterations, the cards become not just tools for victory but vessels for storytelling, cultural expression, and the competitive spirit that defines the vibrant world of Magic the Gathering.

Should any of these artworks strike your fancy, we hope you can reach out to these extraordinary artists in our gallery so that your decks are filled with not only strategic, but also visual masterpieces. Until next time, may your mana be plentiful, and your victories legendary!