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2021 was a rough year for most of the MTG community; opportunities to play together were hard to come by. Beautiful art is something which has helped people get through isolation since time immemorial, and this was no exception.

For more than a decade, professional card alter artists have created MTG fan artwork for our community to secure personalized bits of happiness. This past year, some of these artists gathered together despite tough times, to be a part of a special project under the coordination and direction of CAG member and alters enthusiast, Greg Sablan. From across the globe, artists provided the RC and CAG a collection of altered cards based on our favorite commanders. Fittingly, the art styles were also personalized, showcasing the diversity of tastes among the group as well as the expertise of the artist selecting each card.

The result, shown below, was stunning. The Rules Committee expresses its overwhelming gratitude at this heartfelt display. We can’t wait to play them and turn heads!

If you see something you like, consider clicking on the artists’ gallery links below, and requesting a commission!

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Card AlteredArtistArtist Location
Alesha, Who Smiles at DeathMichelle LizakFrankfort, IllinoisLinkLink
Archangel Avacyn / Avacyn, the PurifierAnnalisa ForghieriBologna, ItalyLinkLink
Arixmethes, the Slumbering IsleMarisa CapitaoParis, FranceLinkLink
Aurelia, the WarleaderMaria Sondergaard PetersenRoskilde, DenmarkLinkLink
Breya, Etherium ShaperBrandon BrownBloomsburg, PennsylvaniaLinkLink
CromatSally StokesTasmania, Australia
Karador, Ghost ChieftainLuke EmmertonTasmania, Australia LinkLink
Kozilek, the Great DistortionEddie JamesSt. Etienne, FranceLinkLink
MemnarchIstvan BukovszkiHelvecia, HungaryLinkN/A
Nin, the Pain ArtistToriy AbdelMarseille, FranceLinkLink
PheldagriffMichael BeausoleilCumming, GeorgiaLinkLink
Rith, the AwakenerJom SemahAmsterdam, NetherlandsLinkLink
Slimefoot, the StowawayCatherine Chandler-TresslerAkron, OhioLinkN/A
Titania, Protector of ArgothKumiko Kanda YoshinoBarrigada, GuamLinkLink
Yidris, Maelstrom WielderMichiko Kanda SablanTokyo, JapanLinkLink
Zedruu the GreatheartedCatherine BerthiaumeBaltimore, MarylandLinkLink
Sisay, Weatherlight
“SK”Los Angeles, CaliforniaLinkLink
Masumaro, First to LiveRachel KesterZebulon, North CarolinaLinkLink
Hua Tuo, Honored PHysicianLaura FoexGrenoble, FranceLinkLink

And for completeness, the full set… thanks again, Greg and everyone involved!

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