April 2024 “Quarterly” Update


No changes.


No changes.

Document Updates

The format philosophy document is perhaps the most important page on the Commander site, serving as a north star and communication tool.  The RC, led by Jim, has spent the last few months updating and revising that document with the aim of making it clearer for both the community and the RC.  We’ve had extensive conversations about what we want the format to be, how to get there, and how to know if we’re making progress.  

The new version does not change any fundamental tenets of the format, nor is it a change in vision.  What it does is be more specific about what we’re trying to do, so that our decisions are easier for enfranchised players to understand and relay to the larger, less enfranchised community.  Transparency was something we set out to improve in last year’s state of the format, and we think this is a concrete step in that direction.

An updated philosophy document is now live, and we’ll schedule office hours on the Commander Discord server later in the month for anyone who’d like to discuss the changes.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Rules Notes

There aren’t any major implications for Commander in the mechanics of OTJ.  There are a few things like the timing of crime-triggers (on cast, before the targeting object resolves) that are worth remembering and reminding newer players of, if they ask.  Good luck out there, partners!

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