February 2022 Update


Slight modification in how RC and CAG will structure future quarterly meetings.


No Changes


No changes

It’s new year and Commander continues to grow in every context: more players, more games, more content, and more cards. All of those are good things, but each comes with challenges. Each applies pressure to the format and to play groups in various ways. We’ll have some articles coming out this season talking about how you can recognize stress fractures in your group.

There are several cards which are popular topics of concern on the internet (such as Tergrid, God of Fright, Dockside Extortionist, and Thassa’s Oracle), but none of them have reached problematic levels of play in our target demographic (games governed by a strong social contract). The RC feels that all of them can be handled via discussion among the players before a game, and that it’s not too difficult to draw a line between reasonable and unreasonable uses. For groups where no social contract exists this is more challenging, but building trust via communication continues to be the best tool players have to create enjoyable games.

We’ve added a couple of new entries to the FAQ page, clarifying what we think of as the difference between Rule Zero and the social contract of the format, as well as our suggestion for how to handle Commander events at local game stores.

Finally, the RC is making some small internal adjustments to the way we interact with CAG members to ensure everyone on the advisory group has clear channels to express their opinions and relay their observations.  The short version is that we’ll be meeting with them formally in smaller groups as we approach the quarterly announcements.  It’s nothing drastic, we’re just putting more time into gathering information from trusted sources.

As always, you’re welcome to come over the RC Discord server to chat with us about this update, which has its own thread.