February 2024 Quarterly Update


No changes.


No changes.

Murders at Karlov Manor has some returning mechanics, so here are some rule refreshers:

Face-down cards are in the set, so a reminder: normally, you don’t have to reveal what any face down card is, but if your Commander is turned face-down, it is still a Commander card that deals Commander damage. You do need to make the other players aware – no surprising anyone with lethal Commander damage from a face down card!

Surveil is also returning in this set, and some older cards have been errata’d to have the keyword “surveil” in the rules text (like Search for Azcanta.) Worth checking out things that had the effect (but not the keyword) if you’re playing a Commander like Mirko, Obsessive Theorist.

Split Cards are back as well! Seasoned Commander players are likely already well aware, but for anyone that’s new, the color identity of BOTH spells on split cards must fit with your Commander’s Color Identity.

The example here of Cease//Desist is an Abzan card, requiring WBG to be in your Commander’s Color Identity, even if you only want to cast one side. 

Slime Against Humanity joins the illustrious club of “Can Run More Than One of This Card In Commander” along with Relentless Rats, Shadowborn Apostle and Persistent Petitioners, among others. While it allows you to ignore the singleton rule, it does NOT allow you to ignore Color Identity. 

General Commentary

The format continues to be in a pretty good place overall, and MKM doesn’t appear to contain any cards that challenge or detract from our vision for the format. 

Our next update will be Monday, April 15th after the Thunder Junction prerelease!