2021 Snow Battles Rules

For our March 2021 streams on http://twitch.tv/CommanderRC we’ll be playing some games with a light-hearted variant called Snow Battles, using snowy cards from

  • Ice Age (IA)
  • Coldsnap (CSP)
  • Kaldheim (KHM)

Plus these cards from other sets:

Viscerid Drone (AL)
Storm Elemental (AL)
Gargantuan Gorilla (AL)
Winter’s Night (AL)
Centaur Omenreader (FUT)
Ohran Frostfang (C19)
On Thin Ice (MH1)
Iceberg Cancrix (MH1)
Marit Lage’s Slumber (MH1)
Winters Rest (MH1)
Chillerpillar (MH1)
Blizzard Strix (MH1)
Dead of Winter (MH1)
Alpine Guide (MH1)
Rime Tender (MH1)
Saddled Rimestag (MH1)
Frostwalla (MH1)
Glacial Revelation (MH1)
Conifer Wurm (MH1)
Ice-Fang Coatl (MH1)
Abominable Treefolk (MH1)
Frostwalk Bastion (MH1)
Arcum’s Astrolabe (MH1)
Icehide Golem (MH1)


  • Amulet of Quoz (IA)