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April 2022 Quarterly Update


No Changes


No Changes


No Changes

We’re comfortable where the format is at the moment, especially given that it hasn’t been a full quarter since our last update.  As we get back fully into in-person play, we’ll see how or if the landscape changes.  We’ll also see if the significant uptick in cards which make Treasures will bring any deeper consideration regarding Dockside Extortionist. 

Our next scheduled quarterly update is in conjunction with the release of Dominaria United in late summer/early fall.  Between now and then, we look forward to enjoying what new things come to us in Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate.

As always, we have a channel on the Commander RC Discord server dedicated to a good-faith discussion on format philosophy.  If you have questions or comments, pop on by and join the more than 6,000 friends willing to engage on this and a host of other topics.  See you there!