RC Monday Morning Check-In

Welcome to the Commander RC Monday Morning Check-In for the week of 2 August, 2021.    

There’s been some colorful discussion on Wishes and outside-the-game cards in the Discord.  If you’d like to join in, head over to https://discord.gg/x5Q5PVg and jump into the #format-philosophy channel. The short version for us is that we haven’t heard any new arguments on the benefits of changing Rule 11; if you have something on the topic that hasn’t been brought up before, we’d love to hear it.  We have talked about the possibility that Rule 10 is no longer required (it’s a holdover from the early days when such things were less clear), so look for some thoughts on that in the September update.

RC streaming is back on this week, as we welcome one of our Discord friends, Grant Mongin, to join us for Game 2.  The action starts at 8ET on Thursday at twitch.tv/commanderRC.  We’d also love to work on some version of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms constructed for streaming in the near future. There are a few sets that seem D&D-adjacent enough to make a block out of, but haven’t settled on anything yet that resonates. 

The September update will be on us faster than you know; the way the schedules work out, we’ll have our quarterly joint RC/CAG meeting later this month.  If there’s something think is important for us to discuss, hit us up on an appropriate channel on the Discord server, or if it’s short, a ping on social media.