18 May 2020 Update

You may have noticed there’s a small line missing from banned list page today. We’ve eliminated the line “Commander is played with Vintage-legal cards.” While the idea has been a useful shortcut for years, it wasn’t really a philosophical foundation, it was merely a convenience. We’ve long been proponents that Commander isn’t alt-Vintage, so it makes sense given the two formats’ divergence to decouple the wording.

The upshot is that between yesterday and today, nothing has changed for us. The exact same cards remain legal (specifically, Lurrus of the Dream-Den is not banned). We’ve clarified the legality language a bit, but none of the descriptions result in specific cards being banned or unbanned. We’ll have our normally-scheduled update in the next cycle, currently slated for 22 June.

We normally reserve changes for the regular schedule; we felt as though the clarification here warranted providing an update out-of-cycle update.

7 thoughts on “18 May 2020 Update”

  1. Question; Does this mean silver-bordered cards are now officially legal in EDH? Because that one line that was removed prevented silver bordered cards to be played. Now that line has been removed, there isn’t any rulings that silver bordered cards can’t be played.

    Was this an oversight that will be quickly remedied?

    1. No, the first line of legality on the banned list page is pretty clear that silver-bordered cards aren’t legal.

  2. So what about the new companion rule? Dose it add beyond the 100 or is it part of the 100. And what happens if you mutate your commander, dost it leave the battlefield or stay?

    1. The companion is effectively a 101st card, but it is still subject to singleton and color identity rules. The entirety of your deck, to include the Commander, must adhere to the companion’s rules.

      1. I’m really sad to see that when making this change you added Shahrazad to the banned list. I had hoped that the shift away from Vintage legality would bring it back.

        1. It’s one of those cards that on the surface seems fun, but ends up just being completely miserable to play against.

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