The Pepper Tier List

A new way of gauging a deck’s speed and power, the Pepper Tier list identifies decks on their digestibility by other players. It is in no way intended to be comprehensive or definitive, just slightly amusing.

Red Bell

A little sweet, a Red Bell deck is easily-digestible by nearly everyone.


Just a small amount of heat, but something that lots of people can take without too much trouble.


You’ll have to have a bit of heat tolerance for a Habanero Tier deck.  It will come at you fast with lots of flavor, but then pack a back-end flamethrower.  This one is where you start warning people.


Not for the faint of heart.  A Ghost Tier deck makes no apologies for what it does.  It has immediate heat that does not subside.

Carolina Reaper

This will straight up kill you, even if you think you have heat tolerance.  Better have some interaction handy (probably in the form of a glass of milk). 


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