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RC 2X2 Preview cards

Check out these sweet preview cards sent to us free by our friends at Wizards of the Coast. The first was an early icon of the format since it came out in Planar Chaos. It looks sweet in any treatment. The second will slot nicely into a deck led by the first.

Intet, the Dreamer, art by Dan Scott

League Guildmage, art by Svetlin Velinov

April 2022 Quarterly Update


No Changes


No Changes


No Changes

We’re comfortable where the format is at the moment, especially given that it hasn’t been a full quarter since our last update.  As we get back fully into in-person play, we’ll see how or if the landscape changes.  We’ll also see if the significant uptick in cards which make Treasures will bring any deeper consideration regarding Dockside Extortionist. 

Our next scheduled quarterly update is in conjunction with the release of Dominaria United in late summer/early fall.  Between now and then, we look forward to enjoying what new things come to us in Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate.

As always, we have a channel on the Commander RC Discord server dedicated to a good-faith discussion on format philosophy.  If you have questions or comments, pop on by and join the more than 6,000 friends willing to engage on this and a host of other topics.  See you there! 

February 2022 Update


Slight modification in how RC and CAG will structure future quarterly meetings.


No Changes


No changes

It’s new year and Commander continues to grow in every context: more players, more games, more content, and more cards. All of those are good things, but each comes with challenges. Each applies pressure to the format and to play groups in various ways. We’ll have some articles coming out this season talking about how you can recognize stress fractures in your group.

There are several cards which are popular topics of concern on the internet (such as Tergrid, God of Fright, Dockside Extortionist, and Thassa’s Oracle), but none of them have reached problematic levels of play in our target demographic (games governed by a strong social contract). The RC feels that all of them can be handled via discussion among the players before a game, and that it’s not too difficult to draw a line between reasonable and unreasonable uses. For groups where no social contract exists this is more challenging, but building trust via communication continues to be the best tool players have to create enjoyable games.

We’ve added a couple of new entries to the FAQ page, clarifying what we think of as the difference between Rule Zero and the social contract of the format, as well as our suggestion for how to handle Commander events at local game stores.

Finally, the RC is making some small internal adjustments to the way we interact with CAG members to ensure everyone on the advisory group has clear channels to express their opinions and relay their observations.  The short version is that we’ll be meeting with them formally in smaller groups as we approach the quarterly announcements.  It’s nothing drastic, we’re just putting more time into gathering information from trusted sources.

As always, you’re welcome to come over the RC Discord server to chat with us about this update, which has its own thread.

RC Monday Morning Check-In

After a few sneak peeks a few weeks back, later this week we’ll see the first deep dive Kamigawa: Neon Destiny previews. While you’re waiting, you can review the State of the Format 2022 article.

The joint RC/CAG meeting is coming up on 30 January, so if there’s anything you want to bring up, now’s the time. We generally bring some closure to topics we’ve discussed over the previous quarter, but if there’s something you think deserves last-minute consideration, we’re listening. Head on over to the RC Discord server’s #format-philosophy channel and join the already-lively discussion.

RC Monday Morning Check-In

Welcome back to the feature that we’re rebooting on the RC website, a brief Monday morning check-in from one of our members.

Today it’s two simple reminders. First, our next Quarterly Update, always scheduled the Monday before the Pre-Release, will be on 7 February. We look forward to the Kamigawa: Neon Destiny previews starting in earnest next week.

Second, for those of you who are budding Commander content creators, there’s space for you to share the links for your work on the Commander RC Discord server, in the channel self-promotion. We know that breaking into the content creation game can be difficult. Here’s our way of providing a bit of help, getting new folks’ content in front of more eyes.

We’re always active over on the Discord server, so if there’s any topic you want to chat about, just drop on by!

Thanks to Our Discord Subscribers

We’ve just hit 5,000 subscribers to the RC Discord, so we want to say thanks to everyone who has joined us and taken part in the many good faith discussions we’ve had in the various channels.

We promised that the 5,000th subscriber would get the choice of two signed Sheldon Menery tokens (one from SCG, one from Inklin Customs) or the ritual burning of said tokens. The winner, @Tokee, a rabid Krark fan, asked instead if we could ritually burn two Krark cards. We’ll be making that happen in an upcoming tweet.

Here’s to the sky being the limit for the RC Discord server. We’ll see you over there soon. Next stop, 10,000!

Unfinity and the Acorn Symbol

Today’s Unfinity announcement included the introduction of the acorn watermark as the new method to distinguish what were previously silver-bordered cards.

We will be updating the rules for card legality to make the acorn symbol equivalent to silver-borders; they’re not allowed by default (but should be encouraged among playgroups!)

We considered allowing them – Commander is not a tournament format, so philosophically it aligns with Mark Rosewater’s points about un-cards – but while some of the classes of cards that get an acorn symbol would be fine (art-based abilities, for example) others are not (physical dexterity cards) and further trying to split would descend to specific card lists. Those might be viable as an optional addition, but not something we would look to make default.

Set looks like a ton of fun, though. Looking forward to it! As always, you’re welcome to join us on the RC Discord server to chat about it.