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MTG Commander/Elder Dragon Highlander • View topic - Geist Deckhelp

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 Post subject: Geist Deckhelp
AgePosted: 2016-Jan-18 9:57 am 

Joined: 2015-Apr-04 3:24 am
Age: Wyvern
Location: San Jose, California
I'm trying to focus my for more 1v1 but my group doesn't follow the French format. This is where my deck is so far.

Cards I'll be adding soon

Current Decklist

-Raw boost to P/T

-Card selection and card draw

-Helps power Geist on T2. Also helps cast bigger X spells

-Card draw/selection

-Card draw/selection

-Pseudo Evasion plus scry is a good way to smooth out draws early or late game.

-mostly there for Totem Armor but a cheap aura helps.

-raw stat boost plus an "enchantment matters" card.

-best spot removal

-find whichever artifact/enchantment I need

-Helps me hit my land drops and combos well with Scroll Rack

-mana fixing

-goes well with Land tax. Also a good way to turn off some bad cards for something better on top of your deck

-Not sure why this is here to be honest. Mostly as protection for other creatures in the deck I suppose.

-excellent stat boost for just WW, despite the downfall (must enchant creature with an Aura on it)

-Protection from creatures is huge and makes any creature unblockable

-Mostly here since it's inexpensive and easy to cast. Totem helps too.

-good way to pull 3 Plains from your deck.

-counterspell + card draw :D

-counterspell + card draw for you and your opponent

-hard counterspell

-being able to untap your lands to leave up countermagic is sweet. Allows for some other shenanigans with double strike and X Spells

-one of the best of the Swords

-stat boost plus lifelink and unblockable is sweet. can work as a finisher too.

-anti-token tech mostly but also to deal with anything problematic

-great early game. late game it helps with the enchantment count

-efficient stat boost for me but can also work as an on an opponents commander

-double strike means shorter games

-like Detention sphere, pinpoint removal

-card draw from your enchantments. gets much better when you can enchantments/auras together

-counterspell + exile

-is either free card draw or a single colorless tax on all your opponents spells.

-cantrip + landwalk of your choice

-similar to vow of duty but this one gives flight.

-same as Ghostly Prison

-uncounterable board wipe (in case the board gets out of control)

-no explanation needed

-another "enchantment matters" card plus vigilance. By the time this hits the board, Geist is usually a 10/10

-a recent addition to the deck. The versatility is HUGE and can't be overlooked.

-tech VS creatures with nasty activated abilities.

-good way to recoup auras in your graveyard right after a board wipe.

-same as Retether except this gets ALL your enchantments, not just Auras

-Attacking tax. Same as Ghostly Prison and Propaganda. Being a flier also helps. I once cast a kicked and targeted windborn muse. Good times :D

-A recent addition. might be better here but this being an aura helps out.

-stat boost + evasion + it comes back to your hand when it's put into a graveyard from play

-a good way to deal with weenie swarms. Bye bye plant tokens.

-a good way to even the field out when it gets out of hand. It lets you keep Geist plus a really good enchantment/aura.

- + . It's a recent addition so I don't have a solid opinion about it yet. It's not so good late game however, if you don't have any cards in hand. Plus you have to wait a whole turn to take advantage of the extra card.

-Flying + Totem Armor + raw stats

-Turns our enchantments into 4/4 angels each time we cast one.

-another "enchantments matter" card. Also helps protect the planeswalker we have here. Not as good as it was when I had multiple planeswalkers. Still a good attack deterrent I suppose.

-gain 4 life each time we attack is pretty good. This gets better the more creatures in the deck.

-a good way to get an enchantment you need to cheat out something expensive like .

-card draw when you're attacked.

-an expensive enchantment (3WWW) for a small stat boost but being able to double my life total is huge against decks like or other decks that don't rely on commander damage.

-everyone get all their artifacts and enchantments back to the battlefield. It's a symmetrical effect but hopefully one you can win off of.

-broad board wipe in case things get out of hand.

-If they draw, you get double draw. Better with more opponents.

-flying, double strike, lifelink, plus being able to draw cards when you gain life is good but the base stats (3/5 for 7 mana) might not be worth it.

-when people see you coming with this, they usually scoop.

-Card draw + life gain

-raw card draw + shuffling it back into your deck.

38 X Land

(usually set to Spirit)

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 Post subject: Re: Geist Deckhelp
AgePosted: 2016-Jan-18 10:52 am 
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Age: Elder Dragon
lets you keep your angels.

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 Post subject: Re: Geist Deckhelp
AgePosted: 2016-Jan-19 8:59 am 

Joined: 2011-Aug-18 3:35 pm
Age: Elder Dragon
Helm of the Gods is bad. It's a more expensive Ethereal Armor that doesn't count itself and doesn't give another bonus like first strike.

Greaves should go with all your targeting auras... Change it for swiftfoot boots if you need the haste.

Playing so many of the "bad" totem armors aren't really necessary. He's hard enough to remove as is and there are plenty of ways to give invulnerability or recursion without playing a +0/+4 boost in an aggressive deck.

Angelic Chorus seems bad in this deck. 5 mana just to gain some life on swing. Just give him lifelink and you'll gain far more than that for far less. Not worth a deck slot with so few creatures.

Celestial Mantle is also bad for the same reason as noted above. Also, is entirely playable.

As far as additions...

needs to be in this. Geist into Ephara is a brutal "combo" that nets insane card advantage over the course of a game without drawing too much initial aggro.

- Strictly better than Fellwar Stone?

- Better than Akroma's Vengeance as it hits only the biggest problems potentially leaving your board untouched.

- Leaves your board mostly untouched but otherwise a full wrath as auras don't see wide play.

- You need this with how much devotion you'll have due to your auras.

- Triggers constellation/enchantress effects on command, makes things effectively unblockable.

- Enchantress #2 for the deck.

- Another double strike + evasion option plus strong incremental growth.

repeatable recursion of your strongest auras...

- Best protection ever. Keeps all auras/counters, still exists on the field but treated as though it doesn't.

- Scry 1 every turn is great. Unblockable general every turn is great. Creature that triggers enchantress is great.

You should look for things to do with the tokens before they die. or are both good options.

You could definitely fit better non-basics into the deck.

would be pretty funny and the life gain would add up with land slot being a non-factor on deck space.

would be good to get rid of the angel tokens before they die and also could be good in response to an insurrection or other theft effects that would ruin your day.

- you're already playing land destruction, might as well recover.

- See Nykthos.

- puts you down a land to trigger land tax without putting you down mana. Also enters untapped and the scry is very useful.

- May as well include a tutor for that Pact you intend to include.


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 Post subject: Re: Geist Deckhelp
AgePosted: 2016-Jan-19 10:46 am 

Joined: 2014-Sep-13 7:28 am
Age: Elder Dragon
I think the Vows are really bad, so you could start cutting there. Along with the others mentioned just above.

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 Post subject: Re: Geist Deckhelp
AgePosted: 2016-Jan-30 1:24 am 
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Moving to 1v1 without the French banlist to stabilize the playing field? Sounds like it's about time someone wrecks your meta with a well-tuned deck. The very best Geist decks, from what I know in 1v1 environments are effectively Stax decks. They run Geist out quickly and then lock their opponents out of the game with counterspells and land destruction. It's particularly brutal way to lose.

Anyway, let's say you aren't trying to ruin everyone's day forever.

I currently run an enchantment-based deck, and here's some cards I think you'll want to consider finding a spot for in terms of enchantments:
--card draw (at worst a cantrip) plus another effect
--if you need more double strike
--game over with a cantrip
--the best lifelink enchantment in the game

I would also consider dropping for a hard counter spell like , , , , and maybe even . I just feel like there's a number of other cards which will be crucial to have access to in your early turns which eliminate threats than Remand (which only delays a threat a single turn).

EDIT: a couple other cards to consider: and .

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