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 Post subject: Re: So silly question about old bans...
AgePosted: 2019-Sep-12 11:05 pm 

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Yes, but who wins and is happy when the next announcement amounts to:

UNBANNED: Library of Alexandria (you know, the card that when banned was $1,500 and there are only around 20,000 in existence)

We are all about letting people playing with cool old cards that they can't play anywhere else, and there aren't many cards that are cooler than LoA. Utility lands are a lot better than they were when the format was in its infancy or even when the format started to get popular, and we are reasonably sure that it won't break the format. Therefore, in the interest of a smaller ban list, we have decided to bring it out of the bullpen.

So great, the Vintage players, collectors, and very small number of other people who may own a copy now get to use it while the other 99% of players don't? How much fun does that sound?

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 Post subject: Re: So silly question about old bans...
AgePosted: 2019-Sep-12 11:25 pm 
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(Not targeting you cryogen, just tired of people KNOWING something should or should not be banned.)

Not disagreeing with you, and honestly the Reserved List is garbage, but what I was saying is that people that want facts on what should and should not be banned are asking for a unicorn so they believe horses exist. There are no tournament reports that matter, there are no statistics on how many games get played at the kitchen tables, there are no facts other than anecdotal "facts" that people have experienced where they play. And no I don't care if you play at 47 LGS in 14 countries weekly, you still don't experience everything there is to know about how EDH is played to make your experience more valid than anybody else.

Shabbaman wrote:
The usual answer is "the social contract", but I guess that is not what you are looking for. Try house rules.

With perfect mana, reasonable removal, disruption, and card advantage, we're back to pitchforks and torches. And it's about to get worse for those who do not enjoy the game as Richard Garfield intended, playing as few win conditions as possible and prompting concession after all hopes (and spells) are lost. - Shaheen Soorani

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 Post subject: Re: So silly question about old bans...
AgePosted: 2019-Sep-16 4:51 pm 

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MRHblue wrote:
cryogen wrote:
Library WAS banned because of the perceived barrier to entry. It remains banned because at this point there is no good that comes from unbanning it due to its price tag. However, from a pure power standpoint the card isn't going to hurt the format and would be legal in a hypothetical world where it was not RL and as available as something like Relequary Tower.

Is there some data showing this interaction, or is this an opinion?

Is there some data on the hypothetical future situation Cryogen invented in order to further explain his idea? I'm going to go with no, probably not.

Is there data to show that prices dramatically increase after an unban? Absolutely, lots of it.

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