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 Post subject: Re: Epic Games
AgePosted: 2012-Jul-01 6:16 am 
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Joined: 2009-Feb-11 7:00 pm
Age: Elder Dragon
A game I had last night, my opponent's running jhiora, riku, and kresh. me running venser, start with chancellor of the spires in hand, drop the top 7 of everyone managing to send riku's RoR to the yard, few turns later i cast the chancellor for infi chancellors


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 Post subject: Re: Epic Games
AgePosted: 2012-Jul-01 6:42 am 
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Joined: 2011-May-02 11:07 am
Age: Elder Dragon
I was playing my new Rith deck, and everyone had put flyers in play to stop my token production at around 10.

So I have Rith, a few other creatures, and 10 tokens.
The Kaalia player taps out to kill the Gisela another guy tapped out to play, and they each have 1 blocker.
The last player plays some nice enchantments and ramps on his turn, and passes with 2 blockers.

The comment when I get to my turn is that 'I am next' to get my board cleared. I respond with my trademarked 'No, I think I'll just kill you all now', which is followed by scoffs and disbelief.

I play Hellrider and Triumph of the Hordes. They didn't even make me attack before picking up their cards.

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 Post subject: Re: Epic Games
AgePosted: 2012-Jul-01 4:00 pm 
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In Cockatrice just a moment ago (2 different games):

First it's me with Adun (Relentless Rats) against Maga (Relentless Rats), Maralen (probably Ad Nauseum combo), Ruhan and Numot. Marelen gets on board. I get a Thrumming Stone. Next I get a Wheel of Fortune. Ok, so now I have like 12 giant rats on the field, no one has cards in their hand and I just discarded Anger. The game actually took a while. I first killed off Maralen and it ended up with me and Maga as the last survivors. I won.

Then, in the same game room (the Maga player is still with us in this one) we had me with Zedruu, him with Atogatog (changelings) and the rest with Angus, Phelddagrif, Kaervek and Uril. Ok, so we had like 3 huggers, a casual deck, Uril and a group slug deck? Let's say that us huggers couldn't be kept in a leash and everyone was drawing 7 cards a turn and a few extra on other people's turns. Many of the players had to leave early, though, and I ended up winning the last clash against Kaervek. He cast a Devil's Play for 37 - Intervention Pact it. Then kill him with 5 15/15 Mortivores that I copied from his original. On my last turn I drew a Hive Mind that I had been looking for with Academy Rector much earlier (I had Pact of the Titan and Intervention Pact in my hand and it was actually my turn). Back then I couldn't find it for some reason.

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