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 Post subject: Additions to Banned List!
AgePosted: 2008-Feb-28 1:37 pm 
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February 29th EDH Banned List Announcement

As of tomorrow, we are adding two cards to the banned list for EDH - Recurring Nightmare and Kokusho, the Evening Star. This has been the product of a fair bit of discussion among the Rules Committee as well as with others, and we feel that both of these cards meet the criteria we've set forward for banning cards.

Recurring Nightmare: this card is extremely powerful for its mana cost. It has a reusable effect that cannot be stopped with enchantment removal, and lets you abuse comes-into-play abilities repeatedly. More, if your graveyard is sufficiently stocked, it's entirely possible that once you draw Recur it is the only spell you'll want to play for the rest of the game. This makes for degenerate games, so we're giving it the axe.

Kokusho: this was less of a slam-dunk, as there was some discussion that with Recur gone it was at a tolerable power level. However, even without Recur, the first time Kokusho goes to the graveyard represents a twenty point life swing in a four-player game, and there are many, many ways to get multiple uses out of him. Too many games were being swung by Kokusho, and he was far too often an automatic tutor target. In the end we decided that his power level in EDH is too far above both what his mana cost would indicate and his power level in normal games of Magic, and so he is getting banned as well.

Two other cards were put forward as candidates for banning. Mind's Eye was discussed, due to its power level in longer multiplayer games, but it was deemed to still be within our comfort zone. It will not be banned anytime soon. Myojin of Night's Reach, on the other hand, is still being considered. It does have a very powerful effect, but with a mana cost of 8 and the restriction on when you get the divinity counter, we believe it to still be tolerable. We may be revisiting it in the future, though.

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