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 Post subject: Vroom Vroom (Depala Vehicles)
AgePosted: 2017-Jan-08 4:06 pm 

Joined: 2016-Jul-17 2:12 pm
Age: Wyvern
Crosspost on forum.nogoblinsallowed.com
I know the "tribe" is lacking in power in edh if you stick strictly to vehicles (and dwarves, thank you depala), but I want to try it anyway. I made werewolves ok so I figure this should be doable too.
This will be my first foray into what could possibly be a more aggressive deck. I figure how vehicles will win is by attacking first and often so yeah, but who knows how deep this wurm tunnel goes.

Note some of the autocarding won't work until deckbox gets AER up in its archive.

Depala, Pilot Exemplar

Sram's Expertise
Metalwork Colossus
Assemble the Legion
Goblin Rabblemaster
Inventor's Apprentice
Master Trinketeer
Pia Nalaar
Quicksmith Genius
Reckless Fireweaver
Spireside Infiltrator
Toolcraft Exemplar
Chandra, Flamecaller
Elspeth Tirel
Elspeth, Knight-Errant
Elspeth, Sun's Champion
Haunted Plate Mail
Yosei, the Morning Star
Hellion Eruption
Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Soul of New Phyrexia
Darksteel Brute
Darksteel Juggernaut
Deathless Ange
Heliod, God of the Sun
Iroas, God of Victory
Manor Gargoyle
Myojin of Cleansing Fire
Odric, Lunarch Marshal
Boros Keyrune
Chimeric Egg
Chimeric Mass
Chimeric Sphere
Ensouled Scimitar
Foriysian Totem
Genju of the Fields
Genju of the Spires
Glint Hawk Idol
Guardian Idol
Koth of the Hammer
Myth Realized
Opal Acrolith
Starfield of Nyx
Testament of faith
Thunder Totem
Acorn Catapult
Akroan Horse
Custodi Soulbinders
Dragon Roost
Dragon Whisperer
Dragonmaster Outcast
Drogskol Cavalry
Emeria Angel
Field of Souls
Goblin Assault
Goblin Warrens
Golem Foundry
Hangarback Walker
Herald of Anafenza
Hero of Bladehold
Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs
Knight-Captain of Eos
Krenko, Mob Boss
Luminous Angel
Monastery Mentor
Moonsilver Spear
Myr Battlesphere
Myr Turbine
Myr Matrix
Rakka Mar
Requiem Angel
Retreat to Emeria
Rise of the Hobgoblins
Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII
Satyr Nyx-Smith
Soul Foundry
Spawning Pit
Stonybrook Schoolmaster
Sword of Body and Mind
Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang
Thopter Assembly
Thraben Doomsayer
Throne of Empires
Twilight Drover
Hanweir Militia Captain//Westvale Cult Leader
Felhide Spiritbinder
God-Favored General
Kragma Butcher
Oreskos Sun Guide
Captain's Claws
Phyrexian Dreadnought
Thalia, Heretic Cathar
Devout Invocation
Crater Elemental
Figure of Destiny

Call for Unity
Archetype of Aggression
Archetype of Courage
Angel of Invention
Chief of the Foundry
Start Your Engines
Moonveil Dragon
Angel of Jubilation
Archangel of Thune
Captain of the Watch
Dictate of Heliod
Eldrazi Monument
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
Glorious Anthem
Glory of Warfare
Homura, Human Ascendant
Inner-Flame Igniter
Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer
Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon
Leonin Sun Standard
Marshal's Anthem
Purphoros, God of the Forge
Soul of Theros
Spear of Heliod
Sunhome Guildmage
Tempered Steel
Always Watching
Balefire Liege
Cathars' Crusade
Archangel of Strife
Gerrard's Battle Cry
Boros Charm
Concussive Bolt
Haze of Rage
Master Warcraft
Order // Chaos
Relentless Assault
Ruthless Invasion
Savage Beating
True Conviction
Sudden Disappearance
Tempt With Glory
To Arms!
Volcanic Rush
War Flare
Aggravated Assault
Aurelia, the Warleader
Duergar Mine-Captain <- Oh holy stars the untap symbol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Order of Whiteclay
Pale Wayfarer
Patrol Signaler
Umbral Mantle
Might Makes Right
Roar of the Kha
Scourge of the Throne
Sword of the Paruns
Total War
Intangible Virtue
Phantom General
Dragon Throne of Tarkir
Ajani Steadfast
Akki Coalflinger
Akroma's Memorial
Angelic Skirmisher
Avatar of Slaughter
Berserkers' Onslaught
Stensia Masquerade
Legion Loyalist
Rage Reflection
Savage Alliance
Atarka Pummeler
Concerted Effort
Goblin War Drums
Pyreheart Wolf
Raging River
Silver Seraph
Subjugator Angel
Victory's Herald
Barrage of Boulders
Blinding Angel
Ember Gale
Magmatic Chasm
Seismic Stomp
Glaring Spotlight
Goblin War Cry
Gorilla War Cry
Hero of Oxid Ridge
Magistrate's Veto
Seismic Elemental
Skyblinder Staff
Stoneshock Giant
Tectonic Rift
Void Winnower
War Cadence
Wave of Indifference
Samite Elder
Spare from Evil
Graven Dominator

Caught in the Brights
Day of Judgment
Wrath of God
Austere Command
Hallowed Burial
Final Judgment
Descend Upon the Sinful
Wear // Tear
All is Dust
Chain Reaction
Blasphemous Act
Vicious Shadows
Cleansing Meditation
End Hostilities
Fated Retribution <- With the instant speed wraths I can activate all my crew abilities, wrath in response, then have all my vehicles attack into a clear board.
Fell the Mighty
Fiery Confluence
Galvanic Blast
Hour of Reckoning
Incendiary Sabotage
Kirtar's Wrath
Lavaball Trap
Martial Coup
Meteor Blast <-Wow that's efficient multi-target removal
Patrician's Scorn
Phyrexian Rebirth
Planar Outburst
Planar Cleansing <- I don't like hitting my artifacts, but this does take out planeswalkers...then again so do vehicles.
Retribution of the Meek
Ride Down
Sulfurous Blast
Tragic Arrogance
Cataclysmic Gearhulk
Volcanic Fallout
Volcanic Vision
Masako the Humorless
Reveille Squad
Darksteel Mutation
Sunblast Angel
Crib Swap

Trap Runner <- just played against Brago last night...

I'm still gathering ideas at this point so please suggest away!
And if any of the cards that I've already mentioned sound particularly good (or bad) to you please say something to that effect as well.
Thanks in advance! :)


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