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 Post subject: Blue Devotion
AgePosted: 2016-Mar-23 1:40 pm 
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Deckbuilding Rule: if a non-land card has its converted mana cost equal to 1, then its mana cost must include {U}. If a non-land card has converted mana cost greater than 1, then its mana cost must include {U}{U}. If a non-land card has converted mana cost equal to zero, then it must have a Blue indicator.

I really like following obscure rules and making it a challenge to produce at least a decent deck. This one is still definitely in testing. I still play in casual settings, so I'm not looking to create a deck to win "tournaments."
A common theme of mono-Blue is counter spells. I could load this deck with counter spells and play Lorthos as my sole win condition.

Well...this just isn't very fun. Not only is counterspell.dec socially unacceptable in a casual environment, they mostly act like spot removal. There's no way to effectively prevent more than one player at a time with them, and so the strategy just isn't going to ever work.

Instead, I'm going to aim for some kind of wonky tentacle-driven...

...let me rephrase...

...I'm going to aim for some kind of sea-creature deck. It'll fit for the being mono-Blue and be interactive enough to please the audience. It doesn't mean I plan on running every single bloody kraken, but I may end up playing more of the good ones than not.

Commander 1
Lorthos, the Tidemaker

Planeswalkers 2
Jace Beleren
Teferi, Temporal Archmage

Creatures 23
Breaching Leviathan
Colossal Whale
Cosi's Trickster
Deep-Sea Kraken
Hypnotic Siren
Inkwell Leviathan--foil Graveborn
Riptide Shapeshifter
Scourge of Fleets--foil Prerelease Event
Sharding Sphinx
Shipbreaker Kraken--foil Prerelease Event
Slith Strider--foil Mirrodin
Sphinx of Magosi
Stormsurge Kraken
Stormtide Leviathan
Thada Adel, Acquisitor
Tromokratis--foil Launch Party release
Vortex Elemental
Windreader Sphinx

Enchantments 7
Bident of Thassa
Icy Prison
Homarid Spawning Bed
Leyline of Anticipation
Mind Control--foil WPN/Gateway
Volition Reins

Instants 17
Blue Sun's Zenith
Cryptic Command
Dream Fracture
Faerie Trickery
Force of Will
High Tide
Mindbreak Trap
Mystical Tutor
Scattering Stroke
Siren's Call
Stubborn Denial
Visions of Beyond

Sorceries 11
Ancestral Vision
Crush of Tentacles
Curse of Swine
Devastation Tide
Distorting Wake
Energy Tap
Pull from the Deep
Reality Strobe
Stolen Identity
Time Spiral
Ugin's Insight

Coral Atoll
Ghost Quarter
Haunted Fengraf
Island x 28
Lonely Sandbar
Myriad Landscape
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
Reliquary Tower
Remote Isle
Strip Mine
Tectonic Edge
Temple of the False God
Tolaria West

This deck can act quickly and steal the show...or it just kind waits around without doing much of anything. Some restructuring might be useful, I just haven't dedicated a whole lot of time to figuring out what to do with this.

Some cards notably left out (and an explanation):
Consecrated Sphinx--I don't own one. No, seriously, I don't, and I'm not really feeling pressured to get one. Now...for this deck, I *****might***** make an exception, but generally the card just generates bad feelings.

Dream Halls--You know, this card would do a lot of work in this deck...but there's just too many ways for other decks to abuse it more than me. I'm going to have to pass, unless I hear a really strong argument for why I should reconsider.

Enter the Infinite/Omniscience--No strong argument why I should put these in here.

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage--one of those cards you could have six of and still need more...and that's the same case here.

Master of Waves--as cool as it would be to put this card into this deck, it doesn't fit the deck requirements.

Mana Drain--while I have enough money to buy one of these cards, and I definitely would if I felt an itch to do so, I'd need to buy two (one for this deck and one for my Cube), and overall the $200+ price tag is just not worth the advantage for a casual deck.

Decklists are posted here. They can all be found in the Decklist Forum.

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