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Massacre Girl Theorycraft/Build Ideas
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Author:  Jeyal [ 2019-Apr-30 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Massacre Girl Theorycraft/Build Ideas

A three-quarters-built idea for the best superhero on Ravnica. Not sure if the premise is inherently flawed, but the idea is to get in for big chunks of damage while our hero clears the way.

The general:

Massacre Girl

She shows up bloodsoaked and...menace-y? Good for clearing up hordes of Saproling/Servo/Goblin/Thopter tokens (and bigger ones if you can start the chain with an X/1 creature). Clears the way for her self, if you can give her haste. Black's best way to give creatures haste is to reanimate them with haste included. And Lightning Greaves, of course.

Lightning Greaves (Swiftfoot Boots cost extra mana. Might still be worth, but the Equip: 0 is what makes Greaves Greaves)
Goryo's Vengeance
Corpse Dance
Shallow Grave
Bond of Revival
Dawn of the Dead
Whip of Erebos
Mimic Vat

A lot of these reanimation cards will exile her (thus ending up back in the command zone). Ergo sacrifice effects to keep that from happening:

Severed Strands
Vampiric Rites
Phyrexian Vault (I like this over Carnage Altar, because I will rarely need to sack more than one creature. Might run both, we'll see.)
Westvale Abbey
Ashnod's Altar (Sacking MG to pay for herself seems kind of funny, but the card is so ripe for abuse that I'm better without it, I think)

Now, things dying are also something I can benefit from. (Or punish opponents. Interestingly, a lot of the usual subjects measure X via power or toughness, which doesn't play nicely with the -1/-1 approach of killing.)

We mentioned a little earlier that to kill larger creatures, you'll need some sort of X/1 creature. So, we should bring some of our own.

Sometimes, the plan works, and you get a board with nothing but a hasty Massacre Girl. Might as well profit?

And sometimes it doesn't. Might as well drive.

Lastly, a selection of utility cards to bridge the gap. (I should probably add a bit more mass removal. Testing shall ensue.) A lot of these incidentally gain life, to help cushion the blow of not usually having a cadre of blockers. (And to keep me from dying to Phyrexian Arenas.)

Add 35 (or so) Swamps and one Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Partly to have exactly one creature, and partly to have a non-combat option of "just winning the game." Plays nicely with the repeatable hasty reanimation, too.

Looking for about 9-12 cards to tie the plan up. Mass removal, say, Pestilence? Withering Wisps, if I can find the snow swamps? More draw (could add Necropotence and more lifegain)? Are there any pieces of the puzzle that I could add into any of those categories above? As always, any feedback is appreciated.

Author:  Kemev [ 2019-Apr-30 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Massacre Girl Theorycraft/Build Ideas

I think I'd approach it a bit differently. It's not super important to me that Massacre Girl get haste; as long as she's your general, you're gonna get to clear blockers. I'm also usually scared to let my general go to the graveyard unless my general is sorta secondary to my main plan, or the deck is either really, really stacked with reanimates... if your Corpse Dance or whatever gets countered, you're up a creek.

I'd rather have ways to make her big, and evasive. Stuff like Nighthowler, Bonehoard, Shade's Form, Filth, Sleeper's Guile... edit: also, I forgot she comes with menace built in.

Actually, as I'm thinking about this, how does Massacre Girl stack up against Kagemaro, First to Suffer? Massacre Girl's the better board wipe, but Kagemaro's probably better in combat.

Anyway, with Massacre Girl I'd probably also want some token producers to get her kickstarted. Wouldn't have to be a ton of cards, but a few things like Bitterblossom or the new Dreadhorde card are probably good for her.

Author:  Shabbaman [ 2019-Apr-30 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Massacre Girl Theorycraft/Build Ideas

Any deck with Dingus Staff is a good deck. Some cards I would look at (or maybe missed in your list):

- Thrilling Encore: great five mana finisher
- Tawnos's Coffin: I have Arya Massacre Girl in my Ramses assassin deck, which has ninja's and Tawnos's Coffin to reset ETB stuff.
- Pawn of Ulamog: this won't survive long, but it will likely get you a couple of Eldrazi spawn that will let you snowball into the bigger creatures you want to get rid of
- Something like Tragic Slip: cheap removal to get rid of the very fat stuff on the board, and that'll get you additional death triggers
- A cantrip like Dusk Legion Zealot will get you where you want to be with little investment
- Tombstone Stairwell
- You could do something with planeswalkers. Liliana, Heretical Healer seems like a good fit. New Ugin gives you cards and tokens.
- Plague Spitter, because I had that in my Varchild's war-riders/Dingus Staff deck.

Author:  Bruticus [ 2019-May-01 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Massacre Girl Theorycraft/Build Ideas

Here are some fun cards you wouldn't get to play in a deck otherwise
forbidden orchard use it politically and to get massacre girl to kill bigger things down the road
genesis chamber free fodder to massacre girl
akroan horse more free fodder
acorn catapult versatile fodder
warping wail fodder, mana ramp, conditional counter, and can exile something that had too big of a butt

Author:  Jeyal [ 2019-May-02 5:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Massacre Girl Theorycraft/Build Ideas

Kemev wrote:
if your Corpse Dance or whatever gets countered, you're up a creek.

Yeah, no doubt. I'm thinking a little bit of generic graveyard hate could get it out of the yard if need be- -Relic of Progenitus-type cards are useful anyways. Exile it from my yard, and command zone it?

Kemev wrote:
Actually, as I'm thinking about this, how does Massacre Girl stack up against Kagemaro, First to Suffer? Massacre Girl's the better board wipe, but Kagemaro's probably better in combat.

Superheroine worship? I like that MG lives through her own wipe, while Kagemaro has to die to even get it started. Haste is just there to cash in faster.

Shabbaman and Bruticus wrote:
Good suggestions

Thrilling Encore is pretty awesome. It's little sister Grim Return is probably good enough to play too.
Forbidden Orchard as an extra way to start the chain is pretty swell, too.
Planeswalkers might be a pretty reasonable option. Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath in the 99 seemed like it might be reasonable. Some of the not-zombie-focused Lilianas might be good, too.

I'm (at least at this stage of the game) trying to keep the creature count to 1, more for a personal challenge than for any functional reason, which makes some of the fodder-y creatures pushed aside. Shame, too, because Akroan Horse is pretty funny. And Tombstone Stairwell is Tombstone Stairwell.

Author:  philcb [ 2019-May-18 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Massacre Girl Theorycraft/Build Ideas

I made a deck with Massacre Girl

Massacre girl was a big board wipe, if you help her to start with some small creatures, she will have enough gas to kill eldrazi.

For now my deck was not optimized, but my strategy was to enter her in flash at the end of turn of my opponent using emergence zone (as soon i will can afford, i will buy Vedalken Orrery) and after the wipe using mimic vat and/or Thriling encore.

I also consider strongly to put Ob Nixilis, Unshackled in the deck for enter him in flash with massacre girl, it will become a huge monster and dont die... Each die give him a +1/+1 counter, that prevent the effect of massacre girl. And able to attack as soon it was my turn.

I also use lot of card to drain life, ping life for help me to do damages.

(ps. sorry for my basic english, but i was mainly french speaker)

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