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 Post subject: Couple combos i believe i created. Share something new here!
AgePosted: 2017-Sep-17 12:42 pm 

Joined: 2014-Sep-13 7:28 am
Age: Elder Dragon
I explicitly removed any combos i could design around for my casual decks and don't play with any cards that have a reasonable use outside 'doing something an infinite number of reps', but i stumbled upon this interaction by accident.

I had an Olivia, Mobilized for War in play along with a Greater Good i didn't get any fatties out for yet. I played a River Kelpie, and discarded to Olivia to make it bigger (and in anticipation of finding Marchesa, the Black Rose for 'infinite blocking' hi jinks. I actually love Olivia + Marchesa so much i had them altered as the only panorama in my deck) at 4/4.

Then i immediately realized in addition to blocking forever, i could sac it to GG, draw 4, discard 3, it reanimates itself with a -1-1, draw card from ability, discard to Olivia and remove the -1-1 counter, and sac again to greater good, and loop for effectively "Draw 4, discard 4" on command. So instead of looting every time i blocked a larger creature, i could actually sift through my deck to configure a perfect hand of 3 cards (the number i had before i started) and fill my entire graveyard with some bs to reanimate later!

It was very cool and broken, but super hard to construct. I've played so many times before having those cards, and many times after without running into it again.

Within my deck, i could make it better and/or different with Mirari's Wake which would let me actually net cards (plus power for greater good), or Soul of the Harvest/Harvester of Souls as another way to +1 card every time, or i could just Mikaeus, the Unhallowed with any combination of the above to either discard my hand and mill library, loot, or gain card advantage.

Another 'combo' i had briefly was Gruul Ragebeast, Karmic Guide, and Body Double. As long as there were creatures on the battlefield with 2 power, you could force one or the other of Karmic Double to fight a bigger creature, dealing 2 to it, and causing your creature to die before the reanimate ability resolves. As long as you could get your creature to die, you could kind of manufacture a boardwipe.

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 Post subject: Re: Couple combos i believe i created. Share something new here!
AgePosted: 2017-Sep-18 3:05 pm 
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Yeah it can be fun when you put good synergistic cards in your deck and unwittingly draw/play into a convoluted 3-6 card combo that you weren't expecting. I remember stumbling into infinite mana having clock of omens, rings of brighthearth, mimic vat, Dross scorpion, mana vault, grim monolith, and Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer in play. At first I didn't think it mattered because I ddn't build my deck to do anything with the infinite mana, but then I drew Spine of Ish Sah and felt a little bad. But an 8 card combo doesn't seem like it is that terribly unfair.

Perhaps the worst part was how long Dross Scorpion was sitting in my hand before I realized the combo, which was at least several turns. :oops:

Kuro, Pitlord (Life gain)
Derevi (Manlands)
Marchesa (Modular)
Krenko, Mob Boss (Goblins)
Zedruu the Christmas Goat (group hug)
Ramses Overdark (Assassin Deck)

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 Post subject: Re: Couple combos i believe i created. Share something new here!
AgePosted: 2017-Oct-20 11:17 pm 

Joined: 2014-Apr-03 3:46 am
Age: Drake
I have a couple of combos that I run

1. You need Frantic Search, Eternal Witness effect, 3 ravnica karoos (two of them must produce blue mana), Deadeye Navigator, Flash for sorceries , Day's Undoing and spells that can win the game when cast infinite amount of times.

You basically loop frantic search via deadeye + witness combo (and float mana) until you are about to deck yourself out. Then in response to frantic search you cast Day's Undoing (make sure you are on opponent's turn) and suffle everything else back in. You can repeat this process until you have infinite mana and start casting spells that win the game (eg. beast within + reality shift). Ideally you also want to have a Notion Thief effect to prevent interaction from opponents but it's not necessary.

2. Scrap Mastery + Codex Shredder + a way to win + artifacts that produce enough mana (8 generic and two red with sac outlet).

In this combo you loop Scrap Mastery with Shredder. I usually do this with Krark-Clan Ironworks because it makes mana and sacs my board for reanimation but basically anything works.

3. Thawing Glaciers + Stone-Seeder Hierophant.

You activate Glaciers -> land etb ->Hierophant untaps Glaciers -> repeat untill you run out of mana/basics. I also run Illusionist's Bracers and Retreat to Coralhelm which in conjunction with Hierophant you can make this combo be free or even produce mana. I once made 30+ mana this way.

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 Post subject: Re: Couple combos i believe i created. Share something new here!
AgePosted: 2018-Jan-12 2:53 am 

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This is a combo that will inflict upon my friends in a near future hopefully, its a black / red deck and as soon as I draw Behold the Beyond I will search for Ebonblade Reaper, Skin Invasion and Assault Suit the deck also contains an old Aura which I have forgotten name on that cost 3 red to regenerate the creature, for the "wiseguys" moves that will surely happen.

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