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 Post subject: Enduring Renewal
AgePosted: 2016-Apr-01 12:30 pm 

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Considering this card in the context of my Reaper King renimator deck, but realized how awesome this can be.

What are your opinions on this card?

Have you seen anything crazy with it? Besides infinite i win loops, i think it'd be cute to use a sac outlet for something like Maelstrom Wanderer.

Is there any deck it works with, without having to build around it?

What decks do you have with it?

For my Reaper King, i have a ton of effects that reanimate over time (Sheoldred, Karador, Havengul Lich, DB Chant, Debtor's Knell, etc) and was thinking i definitely have the density required to make it 0 loss of opportunity to have to 'draw' a creature and pitch it. I am even playing with more and more 'loot' effects to purposely discard bodies anyway. There is a minor drawback of all future dead creatures being unable to be reanimated (except for the loot effects), but the upside is a large.

I've also noticed that it works with the Forbidden Alchemy types that don't actually 'draw' but still put it into your hand. Since these effects are already pretty cool for gy-pitching anyway and was already considering, i was thinking it even more so adds to the playability of the card for me.

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 Post subject: Re: Enduring Renewal
AgePosted: 2016-Apr-04 5:07 am 

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Yeah. Card is awesome.

I think reanimation is key. If you reanimate a creature with (say) animate dead, then it dies, it goes back into your hand. If your deck has a lot of these effects, it's going to work out ok.

I ran enduring renewal in an ertai, the corrupted deck with a lot of creatures with ETB/LTB triggers. Su-Chi is really good. But yeah, there's like, eleventy billion creatures with an etb or ltb trigger. So take your pick. Then you reanimate them as often as possible.

Note also that Athreos, God of Passage, is almost the same effect. So you can kinda run two.

I want to point out this interaction: It's very good with diabolic servitude, which, (99% sure) allows you to stack the triggers on death the way you want so that the creature is first returned to your hand with enduring renewal, and then diabolic servitude attempts to exile it, but diabolic servitude still goes back to your hand.

EDIT: also library stuff that doesn't draw is great. Particularly future sight and magus of the future. But also scroll rack.

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Teferi, Temporal Archmage (blue pillowfort superfriends)
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Oloro Upkeep Tribal (enchantment-based control)
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 Post subject: Re: Enduring Renewal
AgePosted: 2016-Apr-10 11:19 am 
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It's pretty slick, and one of my favourite cards from Ice Age. I think there's definitely an ironic factor that you would want to run it in very creature-lite decks, because losing draws really sucks. It also has the honour of being part of the first infinite combo (that I know of) in MTG! (Enduring Renewal, Ashnod's Altar, Ornithopter/Brass Man, and Fireball.)

That said. I would be careful with it in Reaper King (depending on your playgroup) because you start to get into stupid scenarios with cards like Heap Doll (1 mana repeated vindicates, there'll always be more targets in the graveyard to exile as you vindicate), or something involving a sacrifice outlet.

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