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 Post subject: My Decks: Scion of the Ur-Dragon
AgePosted: 2007-Aug-14 8:38 am 

Joined: 2007-Jul-08 2:16 am
Age: Wyvern
Location: Bari - Italy
Hi to everyone!
under Ban Ki-moon's example, I'm going to post my EDH deck, ready to take any suggestion from everyone ;)

Deck #1: Scion of the Ur-Dragon

// Lands
1 [B] Bayou
1 [ON] Wooded Foothills
1 [B] Plateau
1 [B] Savannah
1 [ON] Windswept Heath
1 [ON] Bloodstained Mire
1 [ON] Polluted Delta
1 [B] Scrubland
1 [B] Tropical Island
1 [B] Underground Sea
1 [B] Volcanic Island
1 [A] Tundra
1 [A] Badlands
1 [DIS] Blood Crypt
1 [OV] City of Brass
1 [TE] Reflecting Pool
1 [MI] Rocky Tar Pit
1 [CHK] Minamo, School at Water's Edge
1 [CHK] Shizo, Death's Storehouse
1 [AT] Strip Mine
1 [TSP] Vesuva
1 [SH] Volrath's Stronghold
1 [TE] Wasteland
1 [GP] Godless Shrine
1 [DIS] Hallowed Fountain
1 [RAV] Sacred Foundry
1 [GP] Steam Vents
1 [LG] Karakas
1 [RAV] Watery Grave
1 [TSP] Academy Ruins
1 [MI] Flood Plain
1 [ON] Grand Coliseum
1 [MI] Bad River
1 [SOK] Miren, the Moaning Well
1 [DS] Mirrodin's Core
1 [SC] Temple of the False God

// Creatures
1 [TSP] Scion of the Ur-Dragon
1 [PLC] Teneb, the Harvester
1 [FUT] Scourge of Kher Ridges
1 [TSP] Bogardan Hellkite
1 [SC] Bladewing the Risen
1 [CHK] Keiga, the Tide Star
1 [CHK] Kokusho, the Evening Star
1 [ON] Quicksilver Dragon
1 [CHK] Ryusei, the Falling Star
1 [CHK] Myojin of Cleansing Fire
1 [MR] Duplicant
1 [JU] Genesis
1 [RAV] Dimir Doppelganger
1 [PS] Questing Phelddagrif
1 [TSP] Vesuvan Shapeshifter
1 [B] Clone
1 [TSP] Draining Whelk
1 [PLC] Body Double
1 [EX] Dominating Licid
1 [SC] Dragon Tyrant

// Spells
1 [AP] Pernicious Deed
1 [DK] Tormod's Crypt
1 [FD] Beacon of Unrest
1 [DIS] Crime/Punishment
1 [FNM] Swords to Plowshares
1 [U] Wrath of God
1 [MI] Mystical Tutor
1 [6E] Vampiric Tutor
1 [PLC] Damnation
1 [TSP] Dread Return
1 [7E] Breath of Life
1 [ON] Oversold Cemetery
1 [ON] Patriarch's Bidding
1 [REW] Zombify
1 [EX] Recurring Nightmare
1 [JU] Spelljack
1 [6E] Desertion
1 [B] Demonic Tutor
1 [B] Sol Ring
1 [SOK] Overwhelming Intellect
1 [9E] Fellwar Stone
1 [MR] Gilded Lotus
1 [US] Catastrophe
1 [US] Confiscate
1 [TE] Living Death
1 [LG] Mana Drain
1 [FUT] Spin into Myth
1 [ON] Future Sight
1 [TO] Compulsion
1 [DIS] Condemn
1 [SC] Decree of Pain
1 [B] Animate Dead
1 [DS] Darksteel Ingot
1 [FUT] Coalition Relic
1 [FUT] Take Possession
1 [Rus] Ancient Grudge
1 [JU] Ray of Revelation
1 [TO] Cleansing Meditation
1 [MI] Enlightened Tutor
1 [IN] Rout
1 [VI] Necromancy
1 [P3] Imperial Seal
1 [ST] Grim Tutor
1 [CHK] Reito Lantern

That's all folks (for now)
Every comment will be appreciated!

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Aug-20 3:38 pm 
EDH Rules Committee
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Joined: 2007-Jan-05 12:58 am
Age: Elder Dragon
One thing I noticed that is suspiciously missing is Dragon Tyrant.
He's amazing, just to get a surprise 21 points of General Damage.

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Aug-21 3:22 am 

Joined: 2007-Jul-08 2:16 am
Age: Wyvern
Location: Bari - Italy
How could I have forget him??

Added :P

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Aug-21 11:25 am 
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Don't forget - Scion of the Ur likes to stack what he's doing.

Turning into various dragons while damage is resolving (Tyrant), or cards are being drawn (Niv-Mizzet, Dragon Mage), is always much more interesting.

My only problem with him is that once the dragons are in the waste bin they are fair game for other players. I could never get much mileage if my first big swing didn't work. ce la vie!

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Aug-21 11:33 am 

Joined: 2007-Aug-07 4:14 am
Age: Hatchling
"c'est la vie !"

S'il vous plaît.

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Aug-22 12:28 pm 

Joined: 2007-Jun-07 1:11 pm
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I was tinkering around with one of these.

Nicol Bolas- Swing before damage, find him, and they discard all of em!
Dragon Tyrant- Massive damage to the face, good with hasty recursion.

Volrath's Shapeshifter- Play this guy, find Kokushko with Scion, and gain a million. Also, he's very good with any non-legendary dragons you might have.

Fires of Yavimaya- Hasty dragons are the best!

"EoT" Recursion- You could definately abuse your legends with these cards. Scion into Keiga, Kokushko, or Yosei, then play something like Goryo's Vengeance, or Dance of the Dead or whatnot. You get in a good amount of damage, and you're basically taking the creatures out of your deck instead of the graveyard. If you have a sac outlet, the Kamigawa dragons become really good as well.

Altar of Dementia- Sacking Giant dragons in response to Mass Removal could deck someone.

Cauldron Dance- This card is probably the nuts in that deck.

Savage Beating- I love this card in my Sol'Kanar deck. Attack at a poor tapped-out soul with a giant dragon, and kill them for 7 mana. Usually, the other people in the game won't help him out.

Also, I would find a way to get your Dragons back in the deck. Loaming Shaman or Repopulate (cycles!) would be good.

I would actually recommend trying to blow up Kokusho as many times as possible. Maybe a sweet turn like this: Volrath's Shapeshiter and Scion in play. Pay two, grab Kokushko out, everyone take 10. Cauldron Dance, getting back Kokushko and putting Clone into play from hand, everyone take 10.

Brion Stoutarm: Flinging Serra Avatars since 2007.

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Aug-22 3:29 pm 

Joined: 2007-Jul-08 2:16 am
Age: Wyvern
Location: Bari - Italy
I'll try some changes, tnx to both of your help

time to test and I'll post the results :P

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Aug-23 3:22 pm 
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cafeine wrote:
"c'est la vie !"

S'il vous plaît.

I was speaking in Montreal slang. :P

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2007-Aug-25 9:43 am 

Joined: 2007-Jul-08 2:16 am
Age: Wyvern
Location: Bari - Italy
Tried Some changes

River of Tears
Dimir House Guard
Diabolic Tutor
Kirtar's Wrath
Darksteel Colossus
One other card (don't remember :( )

Enlightned Tutor
Imperial Seal
Grim Tutor
Reito Lantern
Dragon Tyrant
Temple of the false God

Reito Lantern is the answer to Chron and matthew, with it in play I can recycle useful dragon (such as tyrant, quicksilver and, eventually, nicol bolas) and save my creatures from graveyard-hate. I think it works better than 1-shot cards like loaming shaman and repopulate and it's more selective (I don't want ALL dragons in my deck, Bladewing the Risen stays better in my grave)

@Ban Ki-moon
Dragon Tyrant works very fine, useful to trow out some un-friendly players

-Nicol Bolas: should work fine in a 1vs1 game, but in multiplayer I don't think it's so impressive
-Volrath's Shapeshifter: He kills my scion too often (every time i fetch for a creature, and so I lose the potential card advantage dued to him)
-"EoT" Recursion: good idea, I've added necromancy (I think better than Goryo's Vengeance, it doesn't remove my creatures, so I can recycle them)
-Cauldron Dance: I'm testing it

Tests go ahead, I'm ready for other helps :P

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