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 Post subject: Last night's EDH play
AgePosted: 2007-Jul-13 3:17 am 

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There isn't really a forum to post this on, but I had to share this play from last night.

4 player EDH game, generals are Teysa, Sliver Queen, Teneb and Crosis. (In that order round the table).

Sliver Queen has got Pandemonium on the table. All 4 players have something like 5-6 creatures in their graveyard with combined power somewhere in the region of 30, and are on life totals around 20.

Teysa, in Sliver Queen's upkeep, play's Twilight Call. Welcome to the most political sequence of events ever. Remember that all the creatures come into play at once, the active player must stack, and thus target their Pandemonium triggers first, followed by the other players in clockwise order. However, should a player die, their Pandemonium triggers get removed from the stack.

Other cards of note, Teysa has a Platinum Angel in play, a Desolation Angel just coming into play, and Crosis has a Pyrohemia.

How would you play out this situation?

What actually happened - Sliver Queen targets the Teneb player for 14, and Crosis player for 13. Teneb aims all his damage at Sliver Queen player. Crosis aims at Teneb's creatures, then Teysa sorts out enough gamange to the other players to leave Sliver Queen at 1, Teneb at one, and the rest at Crosis.

At which point, Crosis activates Pyrohemia. Teysa's damage resolves, killing Sliver Queen and removing the damage pointed at both Teneb and Crosis. After the dust settled, Sliver Queen is dead, Teneb has no creatures, Teysa has 2 creatures and no land, and Crosis is relatively unharmed.

The entire resolution of Twilight's Call and all resulting triggers took well over 20 minutes, and was possibly the funniest piece of Magic play in my entire life.

Thanks EDH!

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AgePosted: 2007-Jul-13 3:04 pm 
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Good story.

How I would play it would depend entirely on when I have to stack my damage. If I was first in line, I'd spread it as evenly as possible, to avoid any very dangerous retaliation. If I was in a very precarious position, I might even try to deal all damage to a creature I control, then hide under the table and hope everyone forgets about me.

Going last is best, of course. I would deal lethal damage to the person who's stacking the most harm against me, and I would make it clear that my intentions were so.

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AgePosted: 2007-Jul-14 12:12 am 

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I think the only way that could have been better is if, instead of Pyrohemia being in play, a Thrashing Wumpus had been in someone's graveyard to begin with.

Good times.

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