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Is Hokori, Dust Drinker worthy of ban consideration?
Yes, as a general he is just that over powered. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
While he is really strong, no. 65%  65%  [ 15 ]
This guy sucks, absolutely not. 35%  35%  [ 8 ]
Total votes : 23
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 Post subject: Hokori, Dust Drinker..?
AgePosted: 2009-Feb-24 10:17 am 

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I just saw a post about Braids Cabal Minion and thought i would raise the question: What do others think about Hokori, Dust Drinker as a general? Do you think its over powered? Im not promoting a ban, Im just curious to see if others have played against this general and if it was unfair. Conceptually i can see this deck being quite the bully.

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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-24 12:04 pm 

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The difference is fairly obvious. Nothing forces you to tap your lands so you can save up mana and make plays (like artifact mana). It's a slow slow dog of a card but, really, here's the problem:

T1: Land
T2: Land, Crypt, General

(even worse, T1 Land, Sol Ring and another artifact mana source)

If that T2 play is Braids then everyone is stuck on one land for a long time. If you started the game with 'CIPT land, go' then you'll probably never be in the game. The Braids player doesn't need too many cute plays to stay ahead of the Smokestack.

If that T2 play is Horoki then everyone keeps playing lands and everyone has access to 2 mana on turn 2, 3 on turn 3, etc. The Horoki player has to make a lot of cute plays to try to keep everyone soft-locked.

Horoki + Kismet ... except that the Horoki player can't drop Kismet on T3 if they dropped Horoki on T2. T2 Kismet, T3 Horoki might work better but, again, you can still build up mana every turn. Sure, let's add more cards to keep tapping your stuff ... but isn't it obvious that this strategy is inferior?

Horoki is annoying, sure, but the card is more effective in the Grand Arbiter deck and I don't think any aspect of that deck needs banning.

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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-24 1:45 pm 

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interesting , annoying .... meh

way better in a blue white deck than as a general, white mana sinks are nearly non existant.

in no way nearly as crippling as braids.

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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-24 9:15 pm 
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While incredibly gay, Horoki is not worthy of a ban. All playing him does is put a HUGE target on your head. I run him in my Hanna/denial deck and once he hits the beats start coming. He is not a very diplomatic card as he hurts all players, at least ones running little or no artifact accel!! HAH!!

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