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Beating a dead horse... should I buy time vault?
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Author:  Drain Life [ 2008-Dec-25 1:00 am ]
Post subject:  Beating a dead horse... should I buy time vault?

The title says it all. I hate to beat a dead horse, but here I go. Should I buy Time Vault or not? The money isn't so much the issue as opposed to what card/cards I will spend it on. I don't play Vintage anymore, however I play EDH a lot. I would hate to see Time Vault get the axe right after I get one, however it kils me I am not using one still. I hate proxies and I KNOW that this card is TEH NUTZ!

Also, who knows what WotC will do next? Heck, for that reason alone i don't want to buy it. My friend had just finished his GAT deck for Vintage a week beofore the B&R list came out... then he was building counter top while SDT got the axe. I'm so glad I am not in his shoes that I am afraid to even try them on.

Author:  Blitzbold [ 2008-Dec-25 1:05 am ]
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Effective Dec 1st, 2008:

* Time Vault is banned

MTG World championships in memphis provided a great opportunity for discussion and testing, so we delayed our announcement of B&R changes until after that had passed (and we'd had time to reflect on them).

Time Vault:

This shouldn't surprise anyone. When Time Vault was unerrata'd to be Twiddle-effect friendly, it became one of the most rediculous cards in the format. Plenty of community members have commented on how game-wrecking it is, and a little extra last minute testing at Worlds showed it's just as broken as expected. Das Boot.

(See December B&R Announcement)

Author:  Drain Life [ 2008-Dec-25 1:18 am ]
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Thank you. Last I was told we were not going to hear anything untill January.

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