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 Post subject: Myojin of the seeing winds / proliferate
AgePosted: 2011-Apr-06 5:51 am 

Joined: 2009-Nov-17 2:15 pm
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I saw there wasn't a Myojin of the seeing winds yet, so I want the primer.
Actually only half kidding, I made one today. It doesn't look like much yet, but I'm not going to wait to upload it.

Myojin of Seeing Winds

3 Give the man a counter
Crystal Shard
that which was taken
erratic portal

5 Proliferate
contagion engine
fuel for the cause
inexorable tide
steady progress
throne of geth

5 Proliferate me!
headless automaton
novijn sages

5 'Utility creatues'
Trinket mage
Treasure mage
Mnemonic wall

13 Counterspells
faerie trickery
spell burst
remove soul
essence scatter
scattering stroke
steel sabotage
voidmage apprentice
muddle the mixture

12 Bounce
Spin into myth
echoing truth
command of unsummoning
peel from reality
kederekt leviathan
aether tradewinds
rushing river

3 Thievery
gather specimens
volition reins

3 Card advantage
fact or fiction
honden of seeing winds

2 Reshuffle
nemonic nexus

3 other
Relic of progenitus
whispersilk cloak
libary of leng

8 mana acc
Mind stone
Ur-golems eye
Darksteel ingot
chronatog totem
paradise plume
prismatic lens
mana vault
grim monolith

8 non-basic Lands
needs a tolaria west
needs an academy ruins
Reliquary tower
scorched ruins
urza's factory
dread statuary
Mouth of ronom
Faerie conclave
snow-covered islands

Reminisce + Mnemonic nexus stop the deck from emptying
Bounce cards like Curfew and Peel from reality put my general in my hand, so I can play him again with a divinity counter
All the Avus'en are here to be proliferated

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 Post subject: Re: Myojin of the seeing winds / proliferate
AgePosted: 2011-Apr-06 6:31 am 
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I posted this in someone elses Mono Blue Proliferate deck. Here are some cards you can proliferate.

Magister's Scepter can get infinte turns with proliferate.
Decimator Web (AKA Noob Cannon) would be another reasonable win condition with proliferate.

You may want to look into more things you can proliferate:
sphinx of magosi, Ratchet Bomb, Pentavus, Triskelavus, Clockwork Dragon, coalition relic, Cosi's Trickster, Darksteel Reactor, Djinn of Wishes, Echo Mage, Lighthouse Chronologist, Eternity Vessel, Gemstone Array, Inkmoth Nexus, lux cannon, Mindless Automaton, Novijen Sages or Sage of Fables, Sigil of Distinction, Parallax Tide, Riptide Replicator, Phyrexian Processor, Serrated Arrows, Spawning Pit, or Sphinx-Bone Wand to name a few.

Also I know this deck may or may not be legit but:
- What are you hooking up to Skull clamp for value?
- What are you sacing to Throne of Geth? You could always add a more artifact theme with the modular guys or something that makes artifact tokens.
- Psychosis Crawler seems like a decent win condition.
- No Spelljack or Bribery?

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 Post subject: Re: Myojin of the seeing winds / proliferate
AgePosted: 2011-Apr-06 3:01 pm 
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I fell compelled to really sell the Pentavus, here.
It makes and recycles flying blockers.
It's a good target for vasuvan shapshifter, since you can change it later and keep 5 +1/+1 counters.
it benifits from proliferation.
It pairs nicely with throne of geth, giving you "1, T: proliferate." (Maybe throw in Dross Scorpion if you're feeling crazy. It'll get you "1: proliferate.")

Also, you're playing blue, so I think you should run Rite of Replication. Though, I think every blue deck should have one.

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