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 Post subject: Lord of Tresserhorn; UBR Pain-Draw Combo
AgePosted: 2011-Feb-21 2:28 pm 
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Joined: 2010-Oct-27 10:19 am
Age: Drake
Location: Midwest, USA
This decklist is a continuation from two different threads located here and here (the former being the most recently updated). Since I do actually have a working list, I figured it would be behooving of me post it on this board.

I do have a bit to say about this deck, especially history (similar to my other deck), but, for now I'll post the basic rubric and come to update later.

The basic concept of this deck is to force my opponents to draw excessive cards either from spells like Prosperity, Skyscribing, Urza's Guilt, etc., and with permanents such as Kami of the Crescent Moon, Howling Mine, Font of Mythos, etc. while making those draws seriously hurt with cards like Psychosis Crawler, Phyrexian Tyranny, Underworld Dreams, etc.

I am running what I feel are some of the better options for milling as a backdrop to the excessive draws. My rationale is if I am making a player potentially draw a decent portion of their deck, why not supplement that with milling effects that finish off the rest of their library. I am not running Tunnel Vision, however, because I feel it requires too many cards to make it effective.

I am running two pseudo draw engines. Those being Teferi's Puzzle Box + Moonring Mirror (which is basically playing two hands at once), and Teferi's Puzzle Box + Uba Mask which is my way of giving the other players their second "hand" even it if is ephemeral. The second combo does effect and potentially hurt me, so I am running a few card draw replacement cards via Words of War, Psychic Possession, Obstinate Familiar

I am running into a few issues, but in the spirit of brevity, I won't copy+paste from here. So, if you are to post a suggestion, either area is fine.

Here is the list:


Lord of Tresserhorn

Card Draw

Forced Fruition
Fatal Lore
Jace Beleren
Consecrated Sphinx
Wheel of Fate
Cerebral Vortex
Font of Mythos
Vision Skeins
Temple Bell
Kami of the Crescent Moon
Well of Knowledge
Urza's Guilt
Winds of Change
Whirlpool Warrior
Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
Burning Inquiry
Lore Broker
Howling Mine
Jushi Apprentice
Memory Jar
Spiteful Visions
Winter Sky
Chandra Ablaze
Wheel and Deal
Archmage Ascension
Barbed Shocker

Draw Prejudice & Related Tech

Chains of Mephistopheles
Teferi's Puzzle Box
Molten Psyche
Kederekt Parasite
Adamaro, First to Desire
Underworld Dreams
Psychic Possession
Jace's Erasure
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
Psychosis Crawler
Leyline of the Void
Phyrexian Tyranny
Uba Mask
Words of War


Moonring Mirror
Obstinate Familiar
Sol Ring
Tormod's Crypt
Empyrial Plate

(Creature) Evasion

Zhuge Jin, Wu Strategist
Whispersilk Cloak
Trailblazer's Boots
Sword of Body and Mind


Circu, Dimir Lobotomist
Grimoire Thief
Nemesis of Reason

Lands (40)

Maze of Ith
Terramorphic Expanse
Evolving Wilds
Grixis Panorama
Bojuka Bog
Crosis's Catacombs
Crumbling Necropolis
Thawing Glaciers
Minamo, School at Water's Edge
Boseiju, Who Shelters All
Deserted Temple
Duskmantle, House of Shadow
Shizo, Death's Storehouse
Exotic Orchard
Kher Keep
Reflecting Pool
Dreadship Reef
Reliquary Tower
Bad River
Rocky Tar Pit
Bloodstained Mire
Scalding Tarn
Polluted Delta
Watery Grave
Steam Vents
Blood Crypt
Underground Sea
Volcanic Island
Seat of the Synod
x5 Island
x2 Mountain
x1 Swamp

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 Post subject: Re: Lord of Tresserhorn; UBR Pain-Draw Combo
AgePosted: 2011-Feb-22 11:31 am 
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Joined: 2010-Oct-27 10:19 am
Age: Drake
Location: Midwest, USA
Whoops, forgot the rest of the card tags. Everything has been tagged now.

I've also made a few small changes.

- Tormod's Crypt .:. + Nihil Spellbomb
- Zhuge Jin, Wu Strategist
- Barbed Shocker
- Shocker
- Chandra Ablaze
- Grimoire Thief
- Empyrial Plate

+ Mind's Eye
+ Whirlpool Rider
+ See Beyond
+ Laquatus's Creativity
+ Wistful Thinking
+ Scroll Rack

For now, these are temporary changes. I'm still trying to work the kinks out. My motive for adding these cards are because I wanted to bank more on forced discard effects and throw in a few shuffle effects.

Mirrislegend wrote:

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 Post subject: Re: Lord of Tresserhorn; UBR Pain-Draw Combo
AgePosted: 2011-Feb-22 11:58 am 

Joined: 2008-Sep-21 11:51 am
Age: Elder Dragon
Anvil of Bogardan more almost card draw + with chains out ... lol
Mind Over Matter + temple bell = everyone draw all your cards + niz = take lot of damages , + cards in hand = bigger prosperities
Sculpting Steel,Copy Artifact , what's better than 1 font of mythos ? 2 or 3 of them :P
Spiteful Visions it's card draw and damage weeeeeeeee !
Copy Enchantment what's better than 1 chains / spiteful / tyrany etc ?

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