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 Post subject: Rith, the Awakener: Tokens Runneth Over
AgePosted: 2011-Jan-15 12:20 am 
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Rith, the Awakener

Token Producers

Avenger of Zendikar
Awakening Zone
Captain of the Watch
Conqueror's Pledge
Decree of Justice
Dragon Broodmother
Elspeth Tirel
Emeria Angel
Goblin Assault
Martial Coup
Master of the Wild Hunt
Rampaging Baloths
Rhys the Redeemed
Storm Herd


Ajani Goldmane
Beastmaster Ascension
Eldrazi Monument
Glory of Warfare
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa
Mirari's Wake
Overwhelming Stampede
Titanic Ultimatum
True Conviction
Wilt-Leaf Liege

Haste, Please

Akroma's Memorial
Fires of Yavimaya

Card Draw

Mind's Eye
Regal Force

Mana Acceleration

Gilded Lotus
Mana Reflection
Sakura-Tribe Elder
Sol Ring
Thran Dynamo
Yavimaya Elder


Acidic Slime
Aura Shards
Behemoth Sledge
Dauntless Escort
Doubling Season
Eternal Witness
Genesis Wave
Glare of Subdual
Hallowed Burial
Path to Exile
Woodfall Primus


Enlightened Tutor
Expedition Map (usually for Gaea's Cradle)
Stoneforge Mystic
Survival of the Fittest + Squee, Goblin Nabob
Tooth and Nail


7 Forest
5 Mountain
6 Plains
Arid Mesa
Exotic Orchard
Fire-Lit Thicket
Gaea's Cradle
Maze of Ith
Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
Reflecting Pool
Reliquary Tower
Rootbound Crag
Rugged Prairie
Sunpetal Grove
Vivid Crag
Vivid Grove
Vivid Meadow
Windbrisk Heights
Windswept Heath
Wooded Bastion
Wooded Foothills


* Aura Shards is amazing.

* Goblin Assault seems underwhelming until you've got a Skullclamp. Then it's downright cool.

* Giving haste to tokens allows you to get some damage in before the inevitable Damnation or Wrath of God. I'm considering putting in Chord of Calling to call up Dauntless Escort at instant speed for those occasions.

* The ideal draw goes something like: Windbrisk Heights for a pump spell like Titanic Ultimatum, Survival of the Fittest to get some mana acceleration dudes and Anger in the yard, play pump permanent like Beastmaster Ascension, Tooth and Nail for Avenger of Zendikar and Regal Force, and attack and pop the Windbrisk Heights for the win! :) Similar draws occur more often than you might think.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Level 2 DCI judge. My EDH decklists can be found here.

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 Post subject: Re: Rith, the Awakener: Tokens Runneth Over
AgePosted: 2011-Jan-15 4:42 am 

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Add the Chord, it's a good idea, also Genesis (for the utility creatures) and Glory would work well with SotF.

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