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 Post subject: Arixmethes, Half Land Hero
AgePosted: 2018-Dec-19 10:53 am 
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I've recently gotten back into magic after a long hiatus and I've come in touch with a new commander playgroup. The playgroup is quite low power overall. Land destruction is practically absent (as my two Emeria, the Sky ruins, taking over the game confirmed), so Arixmethes seems well positioned to do his thing. He's a commander I've wanted to build around for a while, but I hadn't been too terribly inspired when trying to build a deck around him.

But after a few games with a goodstuff pile tuned to meet the 2/4/7 (or Sol/4/7) curve Arixmethes desires, I found very quickly that I don't enjoy big 7 drop plays that aren't Sylvan Primordial and I was questioning why my curve capped at 8 instead of playing ramping to the moon and turboing into hilariously pricey cards that win on the spot. But I do like the duality of the mana suite I played (more on that in a minute) and the fantasy of a game winning threat lurking in the lands.

So first things first. The deck is called Half Land Hero because 50% of the cards in the deck are lands or become lands (thanks Ixalan!). Counting Arixmethes as 1, I just need 49 more!

9 Turns into lands (total 9)
Commander ~ Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle

4 Technically its type-line says: "land" (total 13)

37 Lands (total 50)

Since Arixmethes is 4 mana, there are very few ways to play him turn 2, fewer that would still provide that mana on subsequent turns and fewer still that aren't legacy banned artifacts or asking me to not buy Arcbound Ravagers for my modern deck. So instead I'd rather play to get Arixmethes out on Turn 3. One issue with a ramp deck is resilience in the long game, top-decking a Llanowar elf on turn 10 isn't particularly helpful after all. So, everything I'll be using to ramp out Arixmethes needs to have additional utility.

13 Early Arixmethes Enablers (total 63)

9 Other Ramp (total 72)

I was always build my decks to make use of my commander's quirks and this one is no different. I love the fantasy of Arixmethes lurking in my lands until I need him, so a few cards that make the moment he wakes up devastating are precisely what I'm looking for. My commander's also easy to keep around since he's a land, but his existence will still be able to empower any lieutenants I decide to play. Eenie, meenie, miney ALL OF THEM.

7 A lurking threat (total 79)

4 It's easy to lead from the safety of an island paradise (total 83)

Finally, I need some ways to take advantage of all these extra lands.

10 Lands are love, lands are life (total 93)

Lastly, to round out the list, some utility, removal and counterspells. While I'm not primarily a tokens deck, my deck does have 5 overrun effects and a few other cards that need me to have a creature in play. Thus, my deck has a preference for utility cards that bring bodies.

7 Misc. Utility (total 100) 1 cuts

While that's the full list, there's also a couple of cards I've avoided specifically because they're the types of cards or playstyles others in my group have self-banned themselves from using. We have a Talrand opting out of Capsize and Cyclonic Rift for instance, because they're boring and unsatisfying.

Playing in the graveyard opens up some of the most broken lands synergies/loops, so I've kept myself off-limits of Strip mine/Mists locks in this initial build. If we're against Capsize locks and agree Praetors are a bit bullshit, then I feel this might also go a bit too far. But, I have kept a list of those cards in the back of my mind if that's the direction I want to take the deck in future.

The Mulch Package:

The gee I sure wish I had the spare money to play legacy package:

Misc. cut stuff:

I had a long hiatus, removed some decks, but I still love lands.
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 Post subject: Re: Arixmethes, Half Land Hero
AgePosted: 2019-Jan-16 7:37 am 
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Ski Gloves wrote:

This card combos off quite nicely with quite a few cards in the deck to make infinite mana. It, alone with your commander as a creature, makes infinite green mana. But I'm sure you knew this ;)

Not saying that's a bad thing, since that's something that some people strive to do. In that case, I'm surprised you don't have a Kamahl, Fist of Krosa in the deck. You could make infinite green mana, Green Sun Kamal out, turn some lands (maybe just 3 if there are no blockers) into creatures, pump them infinitely, and swing for the win.

That also works with the theme of lands turning into creatures, or vice versa.

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