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Explosive Vegetation now a legal Commander
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Author:  intreped [ 2018-Sep-21 6:04 am ]
Post subject:  Explosive Vegetation now a legal Commander ... ering-isle

The gameplan is to accelerate to 4 mana by turn 3, then accelerate again with my Commander to have 6 or 7 mana on turn 4, then drop some kind of battlecruiser.

I tried to keep reliance on artifact mana to a minimum, so I left out Sky Diamond, Moss Diamond, and Fellwar Stone. I also didn't want to add any creatures that tap for mana, as this deck is already somewhat vulnerable to Wrath effects, running almost no permission and only a moderate amount of card draw. That said, I did include Voyaging Satyr because it generates an extra mana on turn 4 and Budoka Gardener because it becomes a threat if I draw many lands.

38 lands is lighter than I typically like, and I have noticed in practice hands that Budoka Gardener and Explore often don't pan out effectively as a result, so they may come out or more lands may come in eventually. I'm leaning more in the lands-come-in direction, as I want to drop a land on turn 4 as well to hit my 7-drops, but thus far I have usually been able to do so even on this light land count.

Things I like about the deck:
  • I get to commit MANY slots to stompy creatures, allowing me to choose several suboptimal pet cards that usually don't make the cut.
  • Mulligans are fairly infrequent. Even if I have a hand of entirely lands and ramp, the odds that I will draw into a battlecruiser are pretty high, and even if I only draw more ramp, my Commander will probably be a 12/12, and I will definitely have the mana to recast it should it eat some removal (although it won't be a 12/12 anymore).
  • Games are pretty fast, my turns don't take too much of the table's time but I do get to make interesting decisions, like what to clone or whether to play Diluvian Primordial right away or wait until it has better targets.

My biggest problem with the deck is it sits in exactly the anti-sweet-spot between casual and powerful. I mean, few would accuse a deck with Giant Adephage, Pelakka Wurm, Nissa, Genesis Mage, and Chancellor of the Tangle as being 'cutthroat' or even 'tuned'. In a cutthroat environment, ramping to threats early will paint a target on yourself and this deck cannot reasonably handle being the archenemy. However, even though Giant Adephage is a 'bad' card, when plopping it down turn 4 in a casual playgroup, it is quite possible to win the game on its own.

I should probably mention this is 100% hypothetical right now; I have not put this deck together in paper and have only tested against myself on Cockatrice so far. But my guess is this requires a very precise power level from its playgroup to be fun for the whole table.

Author:  Kemev [ 2018-Sep-21 6:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Explosive Vegetation now a legal Commander

intreped wrote:
But my guess is this requires a very precise power level from its playgroup to be fun for the whole table.

Is the question, "Is it fair for me to ramp into big dumb dinosaurs that don't have haste?"

'Cause I feel like the answer to that is pretty much always yes.

Usually when I think about deck's fairness, the main thing I look at is how specialized cards need to be to fight that deck. For seriously unfair decks, you need really specialized answers like Extirpate, Force of Will, Flusterstorm, Nature's Claim... cards that are super mana efficient, but narrowly focused, card disadvantageous, and unlikely to help you actually win the game (beyond avoiding losing in one turn).

Your list here can be fought off with very broad kinds of cards; board wipes, other big stompy monsters, or various kinds of damage prevention kinds of effects. This seems fine.

Author:  Mr.Mauler [ 2018-Sep-27 1:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Explosive Vegetation now a legal Commander

FWIW I think this is a totally fine casual deck and probably one of the "fairest" ways to play Simic. If you get in several turns of swinging with stompy creatures that the table can't answer then you deserve the win.

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