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 Post subject: Isperia and Her Forty Flying Friends
AgePosted: 2017-Dec-25 9:51 am 
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The deck is pretty simple, play lots of flying creatures and win through combat while exploiting 'symmetrical' Wrath effects to ensure you have the superior army.

A few card-specific notes:

Jade Monolith - in a pinch this can protect a few of your key creatures from a Squall Line, but it will mean taking a lot of damage. More importantly, it can be used while defending in combat to redirect damage you would be dealing to an opponent's creature to yourself instead. Why would you want to do this, you ask? If the creature you are blocking with is Isperia the Inscrutable or Medomai the Ageless or Dragonlord Ojutai, those triggers may be worth taking some damage. If you have lifelink via Angelic Skirmisher or True Conviction, you end with exactly as much life as before you took damage, although if you do it enough times you can eventually die to Commander damage from your own Isperia.

Abolish - this deck usually taps almost all of its mana every turn, which can make it hard to run permission and other tools to disrupt inficombo wins. I'm surprised Abolish isn't more of a staple in this format because it fits that role so perfectly. Force of Will is not in this deck, but I included budget alternatives Foil and Commandeer; Isperia and many of the other card-draw engines in the deck mean you shouldn't worry too much about the card disadvantage.

Omniscience - I wouldn't play this in an untrusted playgroup not because it's too powerful in this deck but because it paints a big target and usually doesn't do anything broken. It's strong, but not worth the attention it draws unless your opponents know this deck is overall pretty tame. The strongest thing it can do in this deck is go inficombo with Dust Elemental and Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign, but even with access to every card in your deck you can't actually do anything to win on the turn you do it, so you might actually risk decking yourself. If I were to bring this deck to a new playgroup I would probably either announce before the match "hey Omniscience is in this deck but it's a very casual deck" or just replace it with Dreamstone Hedron until the group trusts me.

Pride of the Clouds - I feel like this card perfectly captures the deck's essence; it's very strong but only in a casual environment. It's effectively a Bitterblossom that ties up four of your mana every turn, but can never be destroyed (at least not in most playgroups). It's also a really huge flying creature for only 2 mana.

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