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 Post subject: Tiana, Aura's Caretaker
AgePosted: 2018-Oct-25 7:16 am 
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Tiana, Ship’s Caretaker

Boros decks have always been a hard deck for me to have fun with- -it’s near-singular focus on attacking make for straightforward plans of attack, which make for straightforward deckbuilding choices. This legendary uncommon gives red and white a new avenue for advantage, opening up the lowly Aura as not anathema to a deck’s plan. It also helps with Equipments being destroyed, but that is a) far less common, and b) something Jor Kadeen does better, anyway.

Now, there is good news and bad news when it comes to playing Aura spells. The bad news is the same that it always has been- -your opponents can 2-for-1 you by destroying/bouncing/otherwise neutering an enchanted permanent. Tiana helps alleviate this disadvantage by returning the Aura to your hand when the enchanted permanent dies (and the Aura falls off). Because of this ability, the deck doesn’t want to put Auras on Tiana herself, which makes the standard Voltron strategy fit better in a deck helmed by, say, Uril.

There is plenty of good news. The first is that there’s a ton of Auras-as-removal that try to encourage the destruction of the enchanted creature (or force it to attack, which is often a similar result). You get rid of a problematic permanent, and when it dies, Tiana gets the Aura back for re-use. Bonus! Another subset of cards that run very nicely with Tiana is Auras (and a couple of Equipment) that sacrifice themselves as part of their base function. Auras with ETB effects don’t mind getting reused, either. And, at the risk of getting too cute, Mirage-block Auras* like Ward of Lights and Lightning Reflexes can become combat tricks (at the cost of being sacrificed at the end step- -another drawback that Tiana alleviates).

*Seriously, check out the paragraph of Oracle text on these things. (They’ve been trying to come up with functional rules text for these forever. Anyone remember substance?)

Recurring Auras are great and all, but they’ve got to have something to attach to, so I have a large selection of creatures that benefit from Auras being attached. Creatures that do not inherently benefit from enchantments likely have first strike- -partially because Path of Mettle is awesome and partly because Auras like Skin Invasion force opponents to attack- -might as well encourage the attack to one of our opponents. (Also I have a foil Valor that has been sitting in a box.)


Attach Auras, Tiana brings back Auras, Reattach Auras, Profit!

Sram, Senior Edificer
Kor Spiritdancer
Mesa Enchantress (these are The Big Three- -the real payoff for this strategy)
Restoration Specialist
Archetype of Aggression
Goblin Spymaster
Flaring Flame-Kin
Monk Idealist
Militia Bugler
Sylvia Brightspear
Danitha Capashen, Paragon
Mentor of the Meek
Ironclad Slayer
Kwende, Pride of Femeref
Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle
Lotus-Eye Mystics
Kitsune Mystic
Odric, Lunarch Marshal
Angel of Finality (Every deck needs a little GY Hate- -too bad Agent of Erebos is black)
Thran Golem
Auratouched Mage
Twilight Shepherd (Gets back creatures and Auras in Tiana's absence)
Combustible Gearhulk
Khorvath Brightflame
Heavenly Blademaster


Mortal Obstinacy
Flamespeaker’s Will
Skin Invasion
Call of the Full Moon
Instill Furor
Fire Whip
Lightning Reflexes (We'll see if this ends up more 'cute' than 'useful,' but for now, it's in.)
Ward of Lights
Soul Tithe
Galvanic Arc
Gift of Immortality
Prison Term
Choking Restraints
Frenzied Fugue (Word of Seizing as an Aura? You bet!)
On Serra’s Wings
Faith Unbroken
Captured by the Consulate
Sage’s Reverie


Blazing Torch
Throwing Knife
Tenza, Godo’s Maul (Looks good in foil, gives a cheap +3/+3 to Tiana)


Sol Ring
Pyramid of the Pantheon
Journeyer’s Kite
Path of Mettle
Chaos Wand
Always Watching (Getting both offensive and defensive use out of First Strike seems useful)
Friendly Fire
Cleansing Nova
Citanul Flute
Reforge the Soul


Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion
Wind-Scarred Crag
Boros Garrison
Boros Guildgate
Command Tower
Memorial to War
20x Plains
14x Mountain

A few cards I couldn't obtain that I would like to add:

Ordeal of Purphoros
Ordeal of Heliod
Brood Keeper
Celestial Ancient
If this deck turns out to be fun-to-play, I will probably swap my Serra's Sanctum out of Estrid, and into this deck.

Cards I'm not sure on:

Sigil of the Empty Throne (This card is good. I know that. It probably goes in this deck, but it's one of those "every enchantress deck ever" cards. Check back in a week and it will probably be in...)
Ajani's Chosen (I don't think this card is good. I always find myself cutting it, but this might be the first deck that actually wants Auras on the expendable tokens instead of the original targets. Any thoughts?)

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Izoni, Thousand Eyed (Elf Tribal-ish)
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 Post subject: Re: Tiana, Aura's Caretaker
AgePosted: 2018-Oct-27 8:50 am 
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Jeyal wrote:
Ajani's Chosen (I don't think this card is good. I always find myself cutting it, but this might be the first deck that actually wants Auras on the expendable tokens instead of the original targets. Any thoughts?)

I think it's a good fit based on making an army for you while you play removal auras on your opponents' stuff. The "attach to the token" part is probably not that useful.

You might want to consider finding room for Auratog. Having the ability to bin your own enchantments in response to someone's attempt to exile them is handy, and you can recycle enchantments with your general by saccing them. You can also abuse cards like Spirit Loop or Brilliant Halo in conjunction with your card draw engines.

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