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 Post subject: EDH - Odric, Master Tactician, Mono White, Tribal Soldiers
AgePosted: 2014-Sep-21 5:22 pm 

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Hello everyone. I'm new to this site and am currently actually signing up for accounts on all 5 of the major MTG forums so as to get some feedback on my decks. I've been an off and on player since 1993 which is why I still have a great deal of my revised edition cards but recently a friend of mine and I have gotten back into it big time. However due to our extended absence we have mostly been putting designing and printing proxy decks to try things out before we commit to buying the cards we want. We've also been looking at getting into buying packs and getting into some draft but that's a whole other topic.

So far we've mostly been making decks for Vintage, 7 so far on my end, Green Elves, Red Goblins, White Humans, Black Zombies, Blue Merfolk, Colorless Artifact, and 5 colored Slivers. None of them are actually mono but the single color ones are at least 80% that color. Anyways they are all very powerful and have been awesome to play, but this week we started designing some commander decks to change things up a bit. So since I have a thing for making Tribal decks, I decided to take a whack at a remake of my previously failed Soldiers deck. It just did not work out in Vintage, too slow, but I'm already liking them better in commander and they haven't even seen play time yet. However now I am at the point of still needing to cut out more cards to get it down to 100 from 118. I have the current version posted up on MTGVAULT.


So as you can tell already, I have chosen Odric, Master Tactician as my commander. It was a toss up between him and Darien but for now I'm running Odric for several reasons. The biggest being that I see Darien's overall tactics being more conducive to a multiplayer games, where as more often then not it will likely just be my friend and myself playing for now, and I think Odric's much more aggressive ability set will lend itself much better to 1v1. The ability to choose to be unblockable on all my creatures is just way too good on its own, but the fact that I can choose the blockers as well means that I can pick off enemy creatures by setting up blocks that favor my creatures, especially when they all have first strike. Additionally I can get him out faster due to his lower CMC and he doesnt require nearly as many other cards to combo up his ability to really make it shine (Pain lands, pain artifacts, life on creature spawn cards, etc). Darien with his combo cards is crazy crazy strong, but for now I think Odric will fit better.

Aside from that I know that this is not a terribly contemporary build. Most people it seems favor far more targeted removal of creatures, enchantments, artifacts, and from the GY, but that's really just not my playstyle. It's too reactive and you often end up with too many card that are no help because they are too situational and reactive, and with there being no sideboard for particular cases in commander I am even more so pushed to try to make a deck that plays effectively against all decks, instead of building against possible enemy decks that I may never even encounter. I prefer more proactive building type decks. Putting together an army, a combo, or a relentless assault and taking the fight to them. Keeping them playing re-actively and on the defensive, or in multiplayer games, psyching my opponents into making the mistake of letting me build until its too late to stop me and they dont even realize it until a 49 point genesis wave hits and I have an army of 40+ 40/40 flying, trample, first strike, etc creatures rolling over them on turn 4/5. Things of that nature. So with that in mind I think this build makes alot of sense. I've got Draw Mechanics, Mana Ramp, Cost Reduction, Free to Plays, Token Generators, Selective Board Wipes, and more Anythming and creature buffing then you can shake a squire at. It seems like almost none of the mono white Odric/Darien decks ive seen so far run almost ANY draw mechanics and little in the way of ramp other then weenie manastones that are not my style to use. I have quite a bit more of both. Anyways I'm sorry for the length of my post but I look forward to your commentary and hopefully your assistance. Thank you in advance.


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 Post subject: Re: EDH - Odric, Master Tactician, Mono White, Tribal Soldiers
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So before I read the Oracle text on Aysen Crusader I was like... wow too bad there are no "Heros"... http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?printed=false&multiverseid=184587 still odd for a Knight to care about soldiers and warriors.

I am not a fan of Celestial Mantle outside of Uril or some voltrons.

Abu Ja'far could be replaced with Alaborn Zealot and Loyal Sentry to have soldiers instead of just a Human as he no longer is a Leper...

Shabbaman wrote:
The usual answer is "the social contract", but I guess that is not what you are looking for. Try house rules.

With perfect mana, reasonable removal, disruption, and card advantage, we're back to pitchforks and torches. And it's about to get worse for those who do not enjoy the game as Richard Garfield intended, playing as few win conditions as possible and prompting concession after all hopes (and spells) are lost. - Shaheen Soorani

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