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Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends
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Author:  Inkeyes22 [ 2014-Nov-17 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

So this deck is designed to play as a semi-control, but only supposed to reign in other players until you can get your planeswalkers online, preferably with emblems. It does have a "counters & tokens" theme so most of the creatures were picked as they either liked counters/tokens or produced them. Proliferate is unfortunately not a very common ability, I was shocked to find zero white cards with it!

There is also a small Rubinia/sac package as who really wants to give creatures back? It is designed to be able to play a friendly game or go against the more overpowered decks in my meta. Suggestions would be appreciated. I have a decent collection and a decent budget, so unless your suggestion is The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale I might have/can get it.

What I am looking for really is opinions if you would think this deck is as flexible as I have found (only 2 games, the first a 4 person very casual, and the 2nd a 3 person very competitive.) it's difficult to gauge a deck on only 2 games.

I have thought of changing the commander as Rubinia + sac outlets is not a very casual thing to do, but Angus Mackenzie would only be good if I could untap via Prophet or Seedborn Muse etc. and I don't care to be that guy.

Arcades Sabboth would be props for having an Elder Dragon, but he's outclassed and his upkeep would prevent me from doing shenanigans. Derevi, Empyrial Tactician screams a completely different deck to me. Jenara, Asura of War could work, but I do not currently own one. Phelddagrif is already played by another friend as a pure group hug. Rafiq of the Many is a kill on sight kind of commander and this is not really a voltron build. Ragnar is kinda of bland. Roon of the Hidden Realm is another kill on sight and a very different build. Treva, the Renewer is another meh option.

Author:  Antis [ 2014-Nov-17 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

I might have a few suggestions for you:

First off, as you yourself were saying, Angus Mackenzie would be THE perfect general for a deck like this. But you don't need Muse/Prophet to make him work. Between Thousand-Year Elixir, Magewright's Stone, Kiora's Follower and the like, there is a lot of cards that let you use Angus multiple times before your turn comes up again without making you the number one target of the game. Would need some more ramp, though.


-Aeon Chronicler (too expensive/weak, doesn't combo well)
-Benalish Commander (too expensive/weak)
-Giant Oyster (what? :D )
-Primal Vigor (depends on your meta; if your opponents can't profit from this much, I'd keep it)
-Carnage Altar (too expensive to use)
-Culling Dais (I personally have never managed to get the value I was expecting from this card; YMMV, of course)
-Genesis Wave (this doesn't strike me as a deck where GW would do much, too ramp-light; other options may be better)
-Howling Mine (I think you need a very good reason to dare to run this in multiplayer; as the deck is now, I'd say scrap it)
-Opportunity (there are better cards out there)
-Rites of Flourishing (as with Howling Mine, I think this card will more likely kill you than help you; you'd need at least some landfall and such to properly benefit from this)
-Ranger's Path (better options out there)

--------------------------Rubinia's Path:
+Phyrexian Altar
+High Market
+Plaguemaw Beast
+Helm of Possession
--------------------------Angus's Path:
+Thousand-Year Elixir
+Magewright's Stone
+Kiora's Follower
--------------------------Both Paths:
+Garruk Wildspeaker
+Ajani, Caller of the Pride
+Elspeth Tirel
+Rings of Brighthearth
+Throne of Geth (people seriously underestimate this card, I mean, they run an instant that draws a card and proliferates for 2U, but shy away from a card that's at worst a sorcery for 2 minus the draw? I run it in my infect weenie and it's great.)
+Hooded Hydra
+Kalonian Hydra
+Hundred-Handed One
+Avatar of Hope
+Illusionist's Gambit
+Angel of the Dire Hour
+Norn's Annex
+Ensnaring Bridge
+Meishin, the Mind Cage
+Constant Mists
+Eight-and-a-Half-Tails (protecting planeswalkers since forever :) )
+Skyshroud Claim
+Wood Elves
+Lighthouse Chronologist (I mean, between The Chain Veil, Teferi's emblem and Doubling Season/Gilder Bairn/Vorel, this guy fits right in, don't you think?)
--------------------------Obligatory Goodstuff:
+Consecrated Sphinx
+Mirari's Wake
+Mana Reflection
+Future Sight
+Academy Rector
+Prime Speaker Zegana
+Eternal Witness
+Karmic Guide
+Body Double
+Aura Shards
+Aura of Silence
+Austere Command
+Oracle of Mul Daya

Author:  mmcgeach [ 2014-Nov-18 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

I agree with Antis: I'd probably go for more of a pillow-fort plan with the creatures. Just protect your walkers and get insane value from them. Another idea is to run more board wipes. (wrath of god, final judgment, terminus, hallowed burial, end hostilities.) Although, I love hundred-handed one in here (also: arbor colossus!). I would probably add stuff like fog bank, wall of denial, silent arbiter, etc., although those don't synergize with the counters plan.

I don't know if you need ALL the bant staples in this deck. (consecrated sphinx, oracle, prophet, greater good, birthing pod, doubling season, etc.) I might drop some of those for more on-theme cards (inexorable tide, venser, the sojourner, tezzeret the seeker, jace, the one that gives creatures -1/-0, karn liberated, workhorse, fertilid, gyre sage, everflowing chalice, city of shadows, etc.)

I dunno about the suspend cards. I don't think you can interact with those with doubling season or proliferate, so you just have clockspinning to interact with those. Also I'd just drop doubling season; I'm pretty sure nobody likes instantaneous planeswalker ultimates.

As someone who has long played a Rubinia deck, I understand the attraction. It's an absurd amount of board presence for you; just steal the best thing your opponents play and use that to protect your walkers. Also a great plan-b. Amazingly powerful card.

Author:  Inkeyes22 [ 2014-Nov-18 2:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

Thank you for the suggestions, there was a lot so please forgive me the long post.

I am not really wanting a pillow fort deck, but PW definitely leans towards that. To be honest, many of my decks get broken apart after 4-5 games, but most pillow fort decks do not even last that long.

I'm also not a huge fan of wrath.dec. I only own one Consecrated Sphinx, on purpose. It's not going in here as this is not really a "75%" deck, but I do want it to be fun with Planeswalkers. I probably should just cut the suspend cards all together, your right there are better options for card draw and token creation.

I do not currently own a Angus Mackenzie, but at $70 that is not impossible, but not going to happen tonight... although I do have to work the day after Thanksgiving... maybe I should treat myself... Anyways I digress... the Pic is very reminiscent of Monty Python... hmmm... have to move on otherwise...

Giant Oyster is definitely staying... he eats dudes... I know he is not the most powerful option, I could include Duplicant or something similar that would be better... but I like him :lol:

So you think I should cut all the group hug stuff? (Howling Mine, Rites of Flourishing?)

Garruk Wildspeaker would be awesome if I go more in on tokens strategy
I don't own an Ajani, Caller of the Pride... at this point I might as well spend a cool $100... right?
Rings of Brighthearth should be in the deck... where did I put those...
If I ran Hooded Hydra it would be about the only creature with morph... not the best plan.
I do need to dig out a Kalonian Hydra

Avatar of Hope? was this supposed to be something else?

Illusionist's Gambit have to free up one of the 4 I have... the mono-U morphs might die and bequeath this...
Comeuppanceis going in as soon as dust settles a little bit on the new C14 decks
Angel of the Dire Hour see above
Lighthouse Chronologist I am not a huge fan of multiple turns, playing with this isn't interesting to me, and I am sure my opponents don't want to see me take 4 (or more) turns per round.

I might add some more good stuff later, but most of my decks have E. Witness, Reveillark, etc.

So should I take the plunge and buy Angus Mackenzie?

Author:  mmcgeach [ 2014-Nov-19 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

Inkeyes22 wrote:
So should I take the plunge and buy Angus Mackenzie?

I'd just use Rubinia and City of Shadows. That is a great thing to do with proliferate! (Those counters on city of shadows never go away... see also everflowing chalice, astral cornucopia). Steal dudes, sac dudes, proliferate, generate huge mana. I'm excited just for YOU to play her with City of Shadows and proliferate effects.

Author:  Inkeyes22 [ 2014-Nov-19 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

Totally forgot about City of Shadows... I was browsing card websites, and found one that was selling them for $3 so I picked up 5, because what else would you do right? But I have not found 5 EDH decks that really want to exile creatures for profit... but here is one!

Author:  mmcgeach [ 2014-Nov-20 6:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

Holy @#$^&@#, I just realized nobody had mentioned spike weaver, which is so amazingly on-theme I want to smack myself for not realizing it.

Author:  Antis [ 2014-Nov-20 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

Well, if you don't like the pillow fort method, I can't really blame you, but in that case, you pretty much have to rely on good old blocking. That, or some of the tricks mentioned above.

If you want to go this way, I'm thinking some tokens, hatebears, Edric, Bident of Thassa, that sort of stuff. You could use Sublime Archangel to pump a single attacker good while the rest of your army protects your friends. You could even run Rafiq and Finest Hour. Hell, even Derevi could make the cut in the 99, if only to be the only guy I've ever seen do that :wink: "I attack with a bunch of tokens, untap Chain Veil and four lands..." Just a thought :)

I figured the Oyster was some kind of pet card of yours. I'll leave it alone, then :D

About the group hug, I think either you want to make it a theme and go for it devotedly, or you don't want to touch it. Howling Mine is worse and worse with every player added to the game. The added advantage to all your opponents just isn't worth it.

I honestly don't think of Garruk 1.0 as a token maker. For me, he is first and foremost an awesome ramp card. Just that +1 makes him worth running.
I run Ajani, Caller of the Pride in my Anax deck more or less as a sorcery (although he doesn't trigger heroic, sadly) for a one-shot -3 bonus. A finisher, really. Evasion and double strike are that strong together, I think. Then there's the fact he can ulti immediately with Doubling Season on the table, giving you a million tokens. That should count, too :)
With Hooded Hydra, forget about the morph, it's just a realy solid creature that will keep your 'walkers safe for a long time. "Wrath? Sure, well, whatever you're planning to do next had better take into the account the 10 tokens I've got left." :D
And I really did mean Avatar of Hope. What better way to protect your planeswalkers than a creature that can block the whole attack by itself?

Author:  Inkeyes22 [ 2014-Nov-20 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

I need to pick up Ajani i guess. I keep getting distracted by buying more C14. I run to walmart for something and I see the lonely white deck... and I think I only have 2 hatebears (Containment Priest) and pick up another one... It's bad really... And Comeuppances & Angel of the Dire Hours... I get that it is not the best ever, but definately worth $35 in my opinion.

I think I still have an Avatar of Hope left around, but generally she is only good for 1 block or they have trample...

So I was reading and when I saw the commander I was like "Perfect some sage advice from Sheldon on the deck that I am currently working on!" but then I read more and it's definitely a cool deck, but not really what I want to do... I think a deck that has 3 Praetors in it is a tough sell for any group.

What are your thoughts?

Author:  Inkeyes22 [ 2014-Nov-28 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rubinia Soulsinger -- Bant Super Friends

Finally got to play a game with Rubinia, it was an emperor game, I was one emperor with Teferi, Temporal Archmage and Brago, King Eternal against Memnarch, the other emperor, Kaalia and Darigaaz, the Igniter.

Not Suprizingly, Kaalia destroyed Teferi, and Brago killed Darrigaaz. When Teferi died I had Greater Good, My general, Thousand-Year Elixir and Seedborn Muse, yes I know I said I wasn't going to add Seedborn Muse, but I had one that was homeless and I took pity. So after taking all of Kaalia's stuff I Bribery'ed her to get an Angel of Despair and nuke her boots.

Brago took out most of Memnarch's stuff and when I showed them a Doubling Season + Tamiyo, the Moon Sage they thought it best to scoop.

Memnarch player thought he would be good as he had unlimited colorless mana, but he couldn't quite make enough blue mana at that point... which was a good thing for us.

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