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Ixidor, Reality Sculptor - make em all Morphs!
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Author:  Inkeyes22 [ 2014-Oct-19 10:32 am ]
Post subject:  Ixidor, Reality Sculptor - make em all Morphs!

So I was talking to a buddy about morph at the Prerelease of Khans and I was reminiscing about all the shenanigans that could be had. I decided there are probably enough blue morphs to make a mono-U morph deck. I generally try for 33 or 34 of each creature when I do a theme deck, but that is not possible

My group has really started going nuclear 5-6 times per game. This is not something that adds to the fun in my opinion, so I want to avoid too many. I think that if everybody packs 3-4 than there is one when needed if everybody packs 9-10 the game is boring, looking at you Child of Alara.

So enough with the preamble:
Ixidor, Reality Sculptor

Creatures -- 13

187 Creatures -- 11

Artifacts 6

Spells -- 32

Lands -- 37

Tolaria -- cause you know everybody runs banding
Academy Ruins
Boseiju, Who Shelters All
Cephalid Coliseum
Opal Palace
Oboro, Palace in the Clouds -- because this used to be a Patron of the Moon deck
31 Islands

This is actually the first deck that I have put DEN into so I avoided infinite mana etc. I did include some powerful effects as my group has no problem with Eldrazi giants for example, just not as the General.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Author:  Inkeyes22 [ 2014-Oct-19 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ixidor, Reality Sculptor - make em all Morphs!

So I found a Quicksilver Dragon and replaced Aetherling as they are both resilient beaters, but the dragon is more on theme.

Author:  Epsilon [ 2014-Oct-25 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ixidor, Reality Sculptor - make em all Morphs!

How is this a morph deck? You're running five random morphs plus ixidron and calling it a morph deck? There are about 46 or 47 blue morph creatures so the 33 theme is possible although probably a bit overreaching. You can still easily hit 15-20 playable morphs to at least make it a real theme and then build in some support... Khans added at least two great blue morphs. There's also a pickles lock you can set up as a win con.

Author:  Inkeyes22 [ 2014-Oct-26 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ixidor, Reality Sculptor - make em all Morphs!

True there are not many morphs but do you want to be running 33 terrible morphs into all the dragons and battle cruiser cards in edh? To be fair it probably is more an instant deck, but I'd rather play fun cards than crap and I haven't got a spelljack guy yet. I don't play with proxies and use what I have until I find better or think of some fun combos.

Just out of curiosity which 15-20 do you think are playable ? Minus the 5 "random" ones I run which other 10-15 would you?

Nobody likes to play against pickles lock. I try and avoid stax and most pillow fort styles as they create unfun games.

Author:  Epsilon [ 2014-Oct-28 7:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ixidor, Reality Sculptor - make em all Morphs!

Brine Elemental - Win condition. You not liking it doesn't make it unplayable. Control decks need a way to win. That's usually a combo or lock. Otherwise, it's just as unfun to play against as the combo/lock decks since you can't do anything and they can't actually win...
Chromeshell Crab - Steal said dragons. Synergies with DEN unlike all of the morphs you're currently using. Activate blink, morph, exchange, blink back to your control. Turn down to repeat.
Dermoplasm - depending on what other morphs you're using... (Djinn or others that prefer to be face up but not counterable/costly)
Echo Tracer - spot removal.
Maelstrom Djinn - 5/6 flyer turn 3 or 4 isn't bad. Can easily bounce or blink to remove counters.
Master of the Veil - Reuse Willbender when they think they're safe. Sac to Prodigy.
Mischievous Quanar - Reiterate on a stick.
Riptide Entrancer - Steal said dragons or cruisers.
Unblinking Bleb - Morph creatures may be below curve but every time you morph you get some deep digging for smoother card quality.
Voidmage Prodigy - If you deem apprentice playable, this is far, far superior.
Weaver of Lies - Reuse all the Willbenders...

There's 11 I would consider playing. You've committed to the theme when you picked Ixidor as the general. They don't have to be the best that ever was, they only need to be playable and support a theme. There's probably some others that are "playable" depending on what themes you want to focus on as well (Ravens Guild Master, Nameless One, Timebender, Mistfire Weaver, etc). Plus the two new rare ones from Khans are both excellent. Zoetic Cavern at least belongs in here as a colorless land ramp effect that can beatdown if not needed.

There's still two more sets of Khans. There will undoubtedly be some new powerful morphs coming soon. Maybe even a powerful multicolor commander to better utilize morphs of other colors and not just force a control deck...

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