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Monastery of the Deflecting Hand [Narset]
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Author:  VampyrVII [ 2014-Oct-01 3:18 am ]
Post subject:  Monastery of the Deflecting Hand [Narset]

This deck was built in an effort to build a cool monk theme commander deck utilizing a lot of cards from Khans of Tarkir. It's focus is on attacking and lots of redirection. Let me know suggestions or what you think. I'm trying to keep the creatures to monks, ninjas, and Jeskai marked cards. The rest of it is pretty open, and there are no budget restrictions. I tried to keep a lot of the cards as thematic and cool as possible.

Narset, Enlightened Master

Serene Master
Bloodfire Mentor
Highspire Mantis
Mystic of the Hidden Way
Whirlwind Adept
Jeskai Elder
Mistfire Weaver
Monastery Swiftspear
Walker of Secret Ways
Jeskai Windscout
Jeskai Student
Dragon's Eye Savants
Dragon-Style Twins
Master of Pearls
Bloodfire Expert
Seeker of the Way
Mantis Rider
Pearl Lake Ancient
Thousand Winds
Leaping Master
Sage-Eye Harrier
Sage of the Inward Eye
Riverwheel Aerialists
Efreet Weaponmaster
Warden of the Eye
Higure, the Still Wind
Mistblade Shinobi
Ninja of the Deep Hours
Sakashima's Student

Deflecting Palm
Force Away
Borrowing 100,000 Arrows
Wild Ricochet
Master the Way
Lightning Strike
Revoke Existence
Ride Down
Jeskai Charm
Seize the Day
Firemind's Foresight
Flying Crane Technique
Master Warcraft

Singing Bell Strike
Quiet Contemplation
Jeskai Ascendancy
Wild Research

Sol Ring
Jeskai Banner
Dragon Throne of Tarkir

Island = 11
Mountain = 10
Plains = 11
Tranquil Cove
Wind-Scarred Crag
Mystic Monastery
Swiftwater Cliffs

Cards I want to add:

Walker of Secret Ways
Swift Kick
Fury of the Horde
Relentless Assault
Savage Beating
Waves of Aggression
World at War
Cast Through Time
Prophetic Bolt
Boros Charm
Azorius Charm

Author:  Antis [ 2014-Oct-01 6:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Monastery of the Deflecting Hand [Narset]

Very cool idea and execution! I like it :)

My own Narset is not so kind to people and I haven't tested it much, but one card I can recommend is Scroll Rack. Trust me, you'll love me for this tip ;) And it's on theme, too.

Link here:

Author:  VampyrVII [ 2014-Oct-01 6:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Monastery of the Deflecting Hand [Narset]

That is fantastic!

Holy cow, I'm gonna have to get me one.

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