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 Post subject: Brago's Vacation [Multipalyer] [Gimmick]
AgePosted: 2014-Sep-21 1:19 pm 

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Sometimes you just need a vacation.

This deck explores creating a boardstate in which you can get up, walk away, order a pizza or watch a movie, and come back later to see what the other players have done in your absence- all without actually conceding or quitting or otherwise using some kind of 'outside the game' way of letting you decide to stop playing.

This deck skips turns. A lot of turns. A whole lot of turns. It forces opponents to focus their attacks on each other, rather than on you- not through soft answers like a pillowfort, but actual unbreakable defensive shields. Ideally when you come back to the table, most of your opponents are dead, and the one that's left is running on fumes, ripe for the pickings. Or maybe they've got enough presence to turn the remains of their forces on you, and it's a desperate holdout for the next couple turns until you can hop in your time capsule and skip ahead another ten turns to try and find a better future.

I've been playing this deck online for a while, and every time it comes out my opponents stare incredulously, laugh, chuckle, or otherwise really enjoy how unique it is. While going into a match I claim that it isn't a degenerate, stax sort of deal that you typically see in Brago, nobody ever believes me unless they've run into the deck before.

When it goes off, it's great. It's a board state nobody's seen before, and with the right cards can potentially give you the edge you need to win the day. But even if you don't, at least your opponents will be left with an experience like no other.

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