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 Post subject: Rhys the Redeemed, Tokens and Control for Multiplayer
AgePosted: 2013-Aug-09 1:43 am 

Joined: 2013-Jul-27 10:57 pm
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Hello All! :)

I am a new commander player (but not new to mtg by any means) that recently made a deck and I would love some opinions on how it could potentially evolve.

My general is Rhys and the shell I've been putting together for the past six months is a flavor combination of land destruction/landlock combos, tokens for beatdown, and wraths and enchantments for control. There are a lot of blue players in my meta game and we generally play 4 player games after draft or FNM to pass the extra time, so a lot of my deck is centered toward either attempting to punish control or to be one of the last ones standing in a 4 player game. The deck started as pretty much completely token producers and tutoring, but after a few months of playing in my meta I have evolved the deck to almost its final form with need of a few flavor touches.

Rhys is a great general and can be played on turn 1, one of the main reasons why I picked him. I built the deck because I had a foil voice of resurgence and a foil temple garden consequently, so I figured I'd go with rhys because he is especially good in multiplayer.

Karmic Guide, Eternal Witness, Sun titan, Reveillark and Genesis help keep my reanimator strategy while being able to potentially cast a tooth and nail entwined once or twice every turn with the right cards in play. Resilience in my meta is important as fast decks get punished, my deck plays 6 wraths and that is on the light side, most decks in my meta run 8-10 especially if playing white. The idea behind my wraths was to be able to have an answer to every kind of permanent I could, without playing armageddon.

Early land Destruction in multiplayer is essential in our meta because it prevents aggressive decks from accelerating, a combination of Azusa or oracle, a cruicble/loam and a strip mine can do a lot of work to peoples lands, especially bounce lands. Hokori comes into play as a punishment for blue decks that are using consecrated sphinx and drawing way more cards per turn than other decks.

The Deck has no problems going through itself and seeing the cards it needs to see for specific situations, and it runs its win conditions as a critical mass, where I top out at craterhoof or get emblems immediately from elspeths and garruk with doubling season. the problems it does have is that there is a very heavy wind up time to complete a certain strategic goal for the game that you are trying to accomplish (such as putting the army up for craterhoof or achieving landlock control). Aura shards is a champion in punishing mono colored decks that attempt to accelerate mana through artifacts, but takes once again some setup to get creatures in play. The trick is to not play Rhys until you need to, as he is very subject to all kinds of removal as a 1/1, but he is deadly with a greaves.

In terms of how games play out the deck tends to sneak up on people where all of a sudden im untapping and people realize i have 15 1/1s or 2/2s and I can craterhoof for lethal, so it does not attract hate early by playing cards like luminarch ascension and such, but tends to have trouble finishing the job in multiplayer, as I can normally kill one person before I start getting controlled.

The goal is to make this the best green/white deck possible for handling a multitude of situations, and I am definitely looking for those cards to refine the deck just a little more.

GENERAL: Rhys The Redeemed
1karmic guide -- get the creatures back
2Eternal Witness -- get anything back
3Sun Titan -- Gets mainly enchantments and strip mines back
4Reveillark -- great combo with E-witness and Karmic Guide
5Oracle of Mul'daya -- Acceleration/land destruction
6Seedborn Muse -- acceleration
7Azusa, Lost but Seeking -- acceleration/land destruction
8Knight of the Reliquary -- land tutor
9Juniper order Ranger -- counters
10Rampaging Baloths -- tokens
11Craterhoof Behemoth -- win condition
12Armada Wurm -- helps activate mosswort bridge
13Deranged Hermit -- best token producer ever!
14Voice of Resurgence -- i have a foil, why not
15Hokori, Dust Drinker -- anti-blue, only tutor for Hokori or play hokori if blue taps out
16Tolsimir Wolfblood -- anthem
17Trostani, Selesnya's Voice -- tokens
18Genesis -- Reanimation
19Qasali Pridemage -- Removal
20Terastodon -- Removal
21Grand Abolisher -- Anti Blue
21Acidic Slime - Removal

23Aura Shards -- Control
24Parallel Lives -- Tokens
25Doubling Season -- Planeswalkers/tokens
26Mirari's Wake -- Acceleration
27Awakening Zone -- Very interactive, acceleration and can be skullcampled
28Land Tax -- Trim the deck
29Collective Blessing -- Make bigger creatures
30Sacred Mesa -- Fliers, mainly defensive when no eldrazi monument
31Defense of the Heart -- one of the best green EDH cards
32Survival of the Fittest -- Filtering

33Skullclamp -- in certain combo situations can help me draw my whole deck
34Eldrazi Monument -- Win Condition
35Expedition Map - tutor
36Sol Ring - Acceleration
37Sculpting Steel -- mainly makes copies of sol ring or duplicant
38Lightning Greaves -- for Rhys and Sun Titan
39Crucible of Worlds -- Land Destruction/fetch efficiency

40Krosan Grip -Removal
41Swords to Plowshares -Spot Removal, good against khalia
42Path to Exile - Ditto to swords
43Crop Rotation -- gets me cradle
44Green Sun's Zenith -- oracle, Azusa, or craterhoof normally
45Wordly Tutor
46Enlightened Tutor
47Idyllic Tutor
48Eladamri's Call
49All is Dust
51Akroma's Vengeance
52Hour of Reckoning
53Wrath of God
54Planar Cleansing
55Advent of the Wurm -- maybe take this out soon
57Life From the Loam -- land cycling/destruction
58Tooth and Nail
59Beast Within - removal

60Garruk Wildspeaker
61Garruk, Caller of Beasts
62Elspeth Tirel
63Elspeth, Knight Errant

64Gaea's Cradle
65Strip Mine
66Ghost Quarter
68Grove of the Guardian
69Reliquary Tower
70Windswept Heath
71Wooded Foothills
72Flooded Plains
74Temple Garden
75Selesnya Sanctuary
76Stirring Wildwood
77Treetop Village
79Khalni Garden
80Mosswort Bridge
81Windbrisk Heights
82Dryad arbor
83Horizon Canopy
84Deserted Temple
85Wooded Bastion
86Oran Rief, the Vastwood
87Nantuko Monastery
89Graypelt Refuge
90Razorverge Thicket

Let me know what you guys think would help my deck be better tuned for multiplayer :)

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 Post subject: Re: Rhys the Redeemed, Tokens and Control for Multiplayer
AgePosted: 2013-Aug-09 6:46 am 
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Well, a really good card to lock people out of the game with in terms of interaction is City of Solitude. While it will hurt you when trying to use Rhys' ability at the end of an opponent's turn, it will hurt blue players much, much more. Another great anti-blue card is Eyes of the Wisent. It'll make your opponents think twice about countering a spell on your turn. Eyes of the Wisent usually won't get looked down upon quite as angrily as Luminarch Ascension will.

Might think about Forgotten Ancient, which will do about twice as much work as Juniper Order Ranger ever will.

Decklists are posted here. They can all be found in the Decklist Forum.

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 Post subject: Re: Rhys the Redeemed, Tokens and Control for Multiplayer
AgePosted: 2013-Aug-09 12:11 pm 
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Joined: 2012-Jun-22 6:27 pm
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I would suggest Mirri's Guile and Return to Dust to help give you better deck access and allow for more board control in the multiplayer environment.

For removal, I suggest Genesis and Hokori, Dust Drinker because there aren't enough cards you need to get out of your graveyard for Genesis to be worth it and Hokori is better for the sideboard, especially since you don't have any mana rocks.

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 Post subject: Re: Rhys the Redeemed, Tokens and Control for Multiplayer
AgePosted: 2013-Aug-10 4:11 pm 
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Sterling Grove +Privileged Position is something i put in any white and green deck. Avenger of Zendikar and Mycoloth were both fun in the Rhys deck i made.

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 Post subject: Re: Rhys the Redeemed, Tokens and Control for Multiplayer
AgePosted: 2013-Aug-13 1:25 am 
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Joined: 2012-Jan-06 10:25 am
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Token control without Glare of Subdual?

Glissa, the Traitor -> Voltron
Mayael the Anima -> Flopping Fatties
Phenax, God of Deception -> Grave Rats
Starke of Rath -> Wrath of Starke: MRC

Proving Grounds: Drawmia-maro, Titania When Lands Attack, Tromokratis Read it Again, Kaalia's Klerics, Hordes of Tribes.

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