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 Post subject: Ninja assassins!
AgePosted: 2012-Jun-19 11:12 pm 
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Here's my list for my Assassin themed deck with over half the creatures being Ninjas, Assassins, or Rogues.

I choose the assissin Ramses Overdark since I like obscure generals and he seemed like a fun one. Besides my playgroup already has a Thraximunder player. Please feel free to make any constructive comments. As of right now the deck has not been tested. When creating the deck I generally like to follow a skeleton of at least: 5 card draw, 5 mass removal, 5 removal, 5 counterspells, 5 mana ramp, 5 win conditions. This usually ends up being about 40 cards though and I use the remaining 20-22 slots for the theme.

Ramses Overdark

On theme cards (8):
Higure, the still wind
Ninja of the deep hours
thada adel, acquisitor
silent-blade oni
ink-eyes, servant of oni
sakashima's student
sakashima the impostor
okiba-gang shinobi

Mana ramp (5):
Wayfarer's Bauble
Darksteel Ingot
sol ring
dimir signet
thran dynamo

Mass removal (5):
Knowledge Exploitation
Black Sun's Zenith
decree of pain
devastation tide

Targeted removal (4):
Royal Assassin
throat slitter
big game hunter
avatar of woe

Draw (6):
Seer's sundial
Crystal Ball
Overwhelming intellect
lim-dul's vault
sensei's divining top
rhystic study

counterspells (5):
spell crumple
pact of negation

Haste givers (5):
strider harness
sword of vengeance
helm of kaldra
lightning greaves
swiftfoot boots

Aura's (10):
dragon shadow
dragon wings
pemmin's aura
freed from the real
shade's form
false demise
fool's demise
dominating licid
leeching licid

Fun cards (10 ):
Phage the untouchable
Wrexial, the Risen deep
Baleful Strix
vesuvan shapeshifter
phyrexian metamorph
leyline of anticipation
whispersilk cloak
dauthi embrace
nether traitor

Graveyard hate (3):
Dimir doppelganger
Nezumi graverobber

Lands (38):
Creeping Tar Pit
hall of the bandit lord
minamo, school at water's edge

Kuro, Pitlord (Life gain)
Derevi (Manlands)
Marchesa (Modular)
Krenko, Mob Boss (Goblins)
Zedruu the Christmas Goat (group hug)
Ramses Overdark (Assassin Deck)

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