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Wort, the Funwrecker
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Author:  gaijinguy [ 2012-Mar-03 2:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Wort, the Funwrecker

So, it occurred to me that despite all I've said about mass-LD, I've never actually posted a decklist for it. I tried it in mono-red a ways back, but red doesn't have the ramp or card draw required to break the symmetry and as a result just made the game go long. As a result, I retooled it into Wort, the Raidmother (prosaic, I know, but you do what you can with what you have.)

1. Wort, the Raidmother

2. Gaea's Herald
3. Elvish Visionary- Only there for the draw and the extra body to conspire with. Coming out for Goblin Matron as soon as I find my copy.
4. Bloodmark Mentor
5. Vexing Shusher- My main man, best friend, and mother of all hate bears.
6. Squee, Goblin Nabob
7. Boartusk Liege
8. Rosheen Meanderer
9. Deus of Calamity
10. Hellkite Charger
11. Charmbreaker Devils- another amazing card. The only problem with it is just how long it takes to resolve it's trigger in the late game.
12. Dragon Broodmother- another MVP. Pumps out an endless stream of bodies for conspiring or swinging with.
13. Patron of the Akki- fun fact: his trigger keeps stacking the more extra combat steps I take.
14. Knollspine Dragon
15. Sundering Titan
16. Furnace Dragon Oh dear lord I love me some artifact hate. Since I run zero of the rangy little buggers, this guy falls under "expensive, but worth it."
17. Myojin of Infinite Rage

18. War's Toll- Forces control-ish decks to commit: either advance their board position or hold mana open for counters, but not both.

Sorceries- the bulk of the deck.
19. Banefire
20. Prey Upon
21. Fossil Find
22. Hull Breach
23. Gleeful Sabotage
24. Regrowth
25. Cultivate
26. Search for Tomorrow
27. Recollect
28. Kodama's Reach
29. Far Wanderings
30. Primal Growth
31. Relentless Assault
32. Creeping Mold
33. Aftershock
34. Bramblecrush
35. Wild Swing
36. Explosive Vegetation
37. Harmonize
38. Icefall- oh dear lord is this a good card. Flexible and repeatable, and in a deck with a low creature count, Recover is easier to manage than you'd initially suppose.
39. Ruination
40. Make a Wish
41. Triumph of the Hordes
42. Reap and Sow
43. Implode
44. Epicenter
45. World at War
46. Overwhelming Stampede
47. Desert Twister
48. Rain of Salt
49. Wake of Destruction
50. Boom // Bust- this is almost always "Bust, conspired" though I have been known to use Boom to pick off early problem lands.
51. Fury of the Horde- I don't think I've ever actually paid mana for this.

52. Viridescent Wisps
53. Crimson Wisps
54. Strength of the Tajuru
55. Comet Storm
56. Manamorphose
57. Urza's Rage
58. Momentous Fall
59. Into the Core
60. Wild Ricochet
61. Boil
62. Omen of Fire
63. Cinder Cloud
64. Savage Beating

65. Fungal Reaches
66. Spinerock Knoll
67. Mosswort Bridge
68-83. Mountain
84-100. Forest

Changes I plan on making:
-Swapping Elvish Visionary for Goblin Matron.
-Swapping Cinder Cloud for Fissure
-Finding room for the following: Decree of Annihilation, Nature's Will, and the green and red Zeniths.
-Including more discard-for-effect outlets. While Boil and Omen of Fire are relevant depressingly often, I never want them to be dead cards.
-Finding my snow-covered basics. While Wake of Destruction is a house, when playing against Riku, I find needing to hit Forest or Mountain problematic; I'll want about a 50/50 mix.

Author:  pookel [ 2012-Mar-03 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wort, the Funwrecker

Is this pretty similar to your previous build of Wort? I thought that one was effective, but I don't remember it being quite THAT light on creatures.

You want more discard for effect: spellshapers? Dawnstrider seems useful. Deepwood Elder makes mass burn hit lands (although you don't seem to be running much in the way of mass burn). Hammer Mage is good artifact hate. Seismic Mage for obvious reasons, and Silverglade Pathfinder to get your own lands back faster.

I think Beast Within is superior to Desert Twister, even if they do get a free beast out of it. I mean, it's instant-speed.

Cards I'd suggest taking out to make room for something:
Primal Growth - you have lots of ramp, and not a lot of creatures to sac to this one
Creeping Mold or Bramblecrush or Aftershock - useful, but you have a lot of cards with a similar effect
Rosheen Meanderer - unless I'm missing something, you've only got 3 X costs in at the moment, and the Zeniths with still leave you with only 5
Search for Tomorrow - subpar to other ramp (but where's Journey of Discovery?)

Author:  InOzWeTrust [ 2012-Mar-03 4:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wort, the Funwrecker

So conspire works well with creatures and Dragon Broodmother does an amazing job of making them but it's the only token generator in your list. Think more are in order to capitalize on both Conspire & Relentless Assault/Overrun effects. Verdant Force & Siege-Gang Commander top my suggestion list.

Speaking of Relentless Assault...I see 3 such spells and a Hellkite Charger but no Bear Umbra.

As for Rosheen I would say more X spells is the way to go rather than less especially with conspire. Devil's Play, Disintegrate, Flameblast Dragon, Ghitu Fire, Goblin Dynamo, Kaervek's Torch, Lava Burst, Molten Disaster, Red Sun's Zenith & Titan's Revenge are the short list of X damage effects I'd look at first for differing reasons.

With 4 goblins in your list Goblin Matron seems like a bad "in case my general gets tucked I have 1 card to find it" effect. Add more goblins or Primal Command for the same effect otherwise as it stands Elvish Visionary is much stronger since it can draw you a gas spell.

Primal Growth just bad. Without tokens to launch for fodder it's just a more expensive Rampant Growth.

Author:  pookel [ 2012-Mar-03 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wort, the Funwrecker

A nice X-cost, token-generating, conspire-able spell would be Goblin Offensive. (But only if conspire copies the original X, which I can't remember if it does.)

Author:  gaijinguy [ 2012-Mar-03 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wort, the Funwrecker

OK, I've made a few swaps. I've tried to keep things as close to 1-for-1 as possible, but obviously it doesn't always line up.

Out: Bloodmark Mentor In: Siege-Gang Commander
Out: Rosheen Meanderer In: Moggcatcher
Out: Cinder Cloud In: Fissure
Out: Wild Swing In: Decree of Annihilation
Out: Boil In: Seedtime
Out: Squee, Goblin Nabob In: Goblin Matron
Out: Bramblecrush In: Nature's Will
Out: Primal Growth In: Warbreak Trumpeter

(Yes, conspire copies x-values, but I don't have a Goblin Offensive.)

Author:  feckingnewb [ 2012-Mar-08 11:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wort, the Funwrecker

Firecat Blitz, Mana Echoes what about some good convoke cards like scatter the seeds?

Oh and Kher Keep too

Author:  5ColorControl [ 2012-Mar-10 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wort, the Funwrecker

I am a little surprised not to see Artifact Mutation, Sprout Swarm and/or Wurmcalling.

And I do not know why a deck like this would be running so many "double your attack step" spells with so few creatures.

Author:  Uktabi_Kong [ 2012-Mar-11 5:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wort, the Funwrecker

Is Decimate too much of a douche card? It seems like this deck was made for it, especially with Wort on your side. Two other really powerful cards that might seem douchy are Life from the Loam and CoW.

Another card I enjoy running in LD decks (or the right deck with red in it) is Rumbling Crescendo. Your opponents have to use their removal on it, because if that thing lives more than two turns, then you just won. Other cards that I consider LD staples: Orcish Settlers, Ogre Arsonist, Acidic Slime, Mwonvuli Acid-Moss, Frenzied Tilling, Wreak Havoc, and (if you can afford them): Goblin Settler and Woodfall Primus. Also, if you ever find those snow covered lands, I'd suggest Blood Moon, as it makes Wake of Destruction able to destroy all non-basics (and by then you should have used the Lorwyn Hideaway lands' effect).

Cards in your deck that I dislike are as follows:
-Rosheen: Everyone else has said why he isn't good.
-Prey Upon: Not enough creatures that are big enough for you to use this, plus there are far better cards to use.
-Search for Tomorrow: Should be Journey of Discovery
-Primal Growth: Not really enough creatures to sac. Skyshroud Claim might be better?
-Relentless Assault: Should be Aggravated Assault.
-Triumph of the Hordes/Overwhelming Stampede: Stampede doesn't have enough creatures to be super effective, and Triumph is just a dick move period.
-Fury of the Horde: I personally just have had bad experiences with this card. Seismic Mage might be better.
-Momentus Fall/Manamorphose: These will be not much more than kinda helpful.
-Cinder Cloud: Seems a bit weak for creature removal.

Author:  pookel [ 2012-Mar-11 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wort, the Funwrecker

Momentous Fall is amazing - what are you talking about? At instant speed, it saves your general from getting tucked. Conspired, you get double the cards and life for just one creature sacrificed. At worst, this deck gets 3 cards (and 3 life) in response to someone else trying to kill Wort. And drawing 3 cards is never bad in red/green.

Author:  Uktabi_Kong [ 2012-Mar-11 11:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wort, the Funwrecker

pookel wrote:
Momentous Fall is amazing - what are you talking about? At instant speed, it saves your general from getting tucked. Conspired, you get double the cards and life for just one creature sacrificed. At worst, this deck gets 3 cards (and 3 life) in response to someone else trying to kill Wort. And drawing 3 cards is never bad in red/green.
Missed the instant. Nevermind.

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