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 Post subject: Oona, Queen of the Fae
AgePosted: 2011-Dec-27 12:00 pm 
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So, I've been playing EDH/Commander for a few months now, and my playgroup is moderately competitive. I've been playing Oona as black and blue are easily my favorite colors in magic.

Oona, Queen of the Fae

Combo Pieces
Power Artifact
Rings of Brighthearth
Leyline of the Void
Helm of Obedience

Vampiric Tutor
Demonic Tutor
Diabolic Tutor
Im-Dul's Vault
Mystical Tutor
Beseech the Queen
Tainted Pact
Mystical Teachings
Transmute Artifact
Mystical Teachings
Tezzeret the Seeker
Muddle the Mixture
Shred Memory
Trinket Mage
Liliana Vess

Scroll Rack
Ad Nauseam
Rhystic Study
Phyrexian Arena
Dark Tutelage
Stroke of Genius
Thirst for Knowledge
Sensei's Divining Top
Fact of Fiction
Memory Jar

Go for the Throat
Slaughter Pact
Into the Roil
Oblivion Stone

Force of Will
Pact of Negation
Cryptic Command
Spell Crumple

Snapcaster Mage
Yawgmoth's Will
Gemstone Array
Crucible of Worlds
Phantasmal Image
Pithing Needle
Mind Twist
Relic of Progenitus

Mana Accel
Talisman of Dominance
Dimir Signet
Sol Ring
Mana Vault/card]
[card]Mana Crypt

Coalition Relic
Grim Monolith
Basalt Monolith
Dark Ritual
Chrome Mox

Reliquary Tower
Academy Ruins
Tolaria West
Ancient Tomb
Bojuka Bog
Halimar Depths
Minamo, School at Water's Edge
Creeping Tar Pit
Reflecting Pool
Scalding Tarn
Flooded Strand
Verdant Catacombs
Misty Rainforest
Polluted Delta
Seat of the Synod
Vault of Whispers
Jwar Isle Refuge
Drowned Catacomb
Secluded Glen
Darkwater Catacombs
River of Tears
Underground River
Command Tower
Watery Grave
Sunken Ruins
Darkslick Shores
3Snow-Covered Island

I know this is not exactly a 'fun' deck to a great number of EDH players, but i enjoy playing it and no one in my group dislikes it. Any comments/thoughts/opinions would be cool to read.

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 Post subject: Re: Oona, Queen of the Fae
AgePosted: 2012-Jan-02 6:07 am 

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Not an automatic game winner, but Dire Undercurrents (obviously) combos insanely well with Oona,

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