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 Post subject: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-01 10:01 am 
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Age: Drake
Well, I am interested in knowing how others started, what types of decks you played first, and what happened from there! I'm sure everyone has a decently unique story to their MtG beginnings.

This quote provoked this interest:
tempesteye wrote:
Am I wrong? I usually see new players thinking evolve like this:
First it's Green for big fat creatures. Next it's Red or Black for burn and/or destruction. Then it's White for global removal and weenies. Finally it's blue for heavy control.

For me:
1997: I was taught how to play magic by my sister's then boyfriend (now husband). Blue was first. Merfolk, fish, sea serpents, and some counters. He seemed to mostly play green (though he had been playing since around 1994). My sister played black almost exclusively. I could not give you anymore details about any of their decks.
I was invited to large group games to play with that involved many of their friends. It was pretty random.
1997: Black/blue was next when I discovered you can mix colors. Necratog, dedicated discard, and my big sea serpents and counters.
1998: Green was next. Spikes. They weren't very interesting to me though.
Then came blue again. And some white. Back to defensive and reserved. <3 to Urza's.
1999: Black took my interest once more. Mercenaries. Looking back on this, I'm not entirely sure why.
2000: Denying Wind and Avatar of Woe. Blue/black. All the way. Also, crypt rats + treacherous link = <3
Late 2000: Opened first pack of invasion, got nothing but domain cards and big green fatties. Quit magic, but kept many of my old cards.
2002: New friends pulled me back into magic with onslaught. I was one of the more terrible players among them. I had no money and few cards. Eventually, however, I started to build up a little and started learning how to trade up. I got a red / green beast deck going. I would like to note here that this deck was much less aggro and much more combo. (Cryptic Gateway + Wirewood Savage and tons of beasts. + Æther Charge.)
2003: I was pulled under the wing of a much more serious vintage player, who took interest in me due to my apparent love of combo. I stopped being a complete newb at this point. First big T2 deck was Wake. Vintage interested started to root.
2004: Had a combo-zombie engine deck that could keep speed with ravager and auto-won if the opponent played bidding. After the first bannings, KCI combo that forced acceled into March of the Machines (which... slaughtered Ravagar... was "ok" against everything else. My decks tend to work like that...). After those bannings, was mildly frustrated with WotC and just got into a much more casual scene. My vintage interested also started to pick up, more.
2005: Played mostly vintage. Fish (only control deck I've really enjoyed).
2006: I played mostly Two-headed Giant tournaments where I combo accelerated my partner. Or I played Heartbeat. Or some other random combo. Then I moved.
2007: Legacy. Combo.
2008: Got a job at a FLGS. Got back into T2. Combo. :P
2008: Started to pick up on new formats thanks to the influence of the store's costumers. Got drawn into EDH. Discovered they were a great way to pull a stronger casual interest and get more people playing on our otherwise blank Wednesday nights. Encouraged them further.
2009: EDH. EDH and more EDH. My decks are pretty random... then I moved away from the FLGS and my friends in October. :cry:
2010: New/old group (in the area I used to live in before the first move, back with my old friends from around the onslaught age). More EDH.

I don't recall anybody really starting with green from anyone who started their gaming around me either. Closest was a friend who began with slivers.

So, what about everyone else?

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-01 11:46 am 
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LoL. Well, I don't know it so precise. I do know that I never really played any tournaments and I started playing with Scaled Wurm and Yavimaya Wurm. I even thought that I could block 10 attackers with a single blocker. So obviously no one every attacked because you would just be slaughtered in your opponents turn.

I spend way to much money on useless cards untill I finally came to senses.

It does make a -big- difference when you don't have an experienced player to tell you what to buy and what not to buy. I've wasted lots of money because of this, good thing I know better now.

Last 1,5 year has been EDH all the way, only thing I play really. It's simply the perfect mix for me.

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-01 12:59 pm 

Joined: 2009-Oct-17 1:34 pm
Age: Drake

Learned how to play in high school from someone who played predominantly blue control, slowly forgot, dated a guy in college who built mostly combo or control-type decks and played off and on for the next eight years or so, started playing competitively with white weenies during Shadowmoor, first prerelease event was Conflux, dumped the combo-deck guy for the guy who originally taught me how to play all those years ago, got dumped by him right before Worldwake came out (preordered a box for him as an Xmas present and kept it, muahahahaha), staffed my first event shortly after WW came out, staffed my first PTQ right before Rise came out, worked my first prerelease when Rise came out :D, and now working FNM and the M11 prerelease at my home venue.

Once I started studying for the judgeship, I pretty much stopped playing competitively. I'll play FNM, but I'll play with other people's decks without looking through them first. (There was that epic night playing W/G with 2 removal cards, neither of them Path, and no flyers. Scarily enough, I went 2/2. Thank you, Ondu Cleric!) Then I'll give advice (if they want it) and trade after the event's over. I keep a box of standard legal commons and uncommons so people can buff their decks. They know I have a sweet tooth for non-English cards. 8)

I was also soured by the prevalent "us vs. them" mentality in my local community. One person who comes to the FNM at my home store says he stopped going to the other one because he heard other players talking about him and his friends between rounds, saying things like "At least I don't have to play him after round 1." I don't tolerate that kind of crap at my venue. *Everyone* is welcome to learn and play, regardless of skill: we don't want blue envelopes. You want to hotdog? Whatevs.

Several folks from my venue have "graduated" to other venues as their skills get better. With the onset of summer, we have college kids in town thinking about starting Magic clubs at their schools and pursuing the judgeship.

I like a little bit of everything. My decks are very much "eh, let's throw that together and see what happens." I work full-time and I'm trying to get tax paperwork straightened out for a nonprofit, so when I have the time for Magic, I'm mostly brain-dead and run something that doesn't require much thought. I added more recursion to my Wort deck and took out most of the discard pinging.

I'm not a very good Magic player, compared to my friends. :roll:

Food makes EDH better. All the meyvns agree. 8)

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-01 2:25 pm 
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For me Magic started in the 6th-7th grade I believe. I was Biking back from the Toys "R" Us, and something shiny caught my eye in the parking lot. I slowed down and found a CD which was flipped upside down. Picking it up I found out it was a 7th edition learn how to play magic the gathering CD-rom. I slipped it into my pocket and road home. When I got home I popped it into the computer and it actually worked. I then took the tutorial and would play the computer ever once in a while, just using the same old deck that they used during the tutorial. Eventually I purchased my first deck, the Odyssey "lift off" blue white precon deck. I also bought a few booster packs, my first booster pack containing Test of Endurance, and a few weeks later another one containing Jareth. two cards I still own today. Test needed a home and was the reason I made my main EDH deck into life gain, but that's way down the line from when I bought the packs.

I played against a couple kids at my junior high, but they weren't always too sure on the rules. I began to play more MTG: Online which is free if you dont mind just using one of the precon decks. I learned all the basic strategies and especially how intricate rules worked through playing people both better than me and at the same skill level. The best part being that since they were all precon decks, they were all pretty evenly matched, except that the White 7th edition one was the best in my opinion, only rivaled by the blue deck.

After "mastering" the rules from playing online and being "forced" to play correctly I met through some friends my current playgroup, We continue to grow as players to this day but are all pretty casual.

EDH began in our group when one of my friends kept talking about how he wanted to form a league. Eventually I decided to look up EDH and build a deck of my own. White with equipment, I got my other friend to make a deck too, but he didn't quite grasp how to go about making EDH decks and his wasn't that great. One by one my playgroup began making their first decks, then their second and third and so on.

My second deck was a throwback to when I used power artifact and Grim monolith as the main win condition of my decks back in the day, I used Dralnu as a general for the colors and ability to use most of my cards twice without issue. I think it was a powerful deck, never tapping out and keeping good control because of the double use of all instants and sorceries. It had the obvious drawbacks in that everyone became worried that I would "go off" any turn, but still could hold off attackers through removal and counter spells, propaganda etc. no Time walking I'll have you know. However as I got to learn more about what EDH is about and the people who play it, I found out that when playing EDH I shouldn't just be actively trying to search out my combo pieces as fast as I can, I should be interacting with other players and making sure the game is fun no matter who wins.

As a side note, the one person who first talked about making an EDH league and whatnot, was the last person in our playgroup to actually make a deck,

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-01 2:28 pm 

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I'm still a Johnny to a fault.

EDH is my "realist" format where I challenge myself to compete in construction.

Big Box (AKA Tome Magic or Open Trash) is where I enjoy discovering synergy on the fly, and the emphasis on on gameplay.

Early years were dedicated to standard, but I when I became unable to attend sanctioned tournaments I was forced to try new stuff. I don't intend to go back to standard.

So I guess my evolution has been away from competitive to really delve into the gamestyles I enjoyed when I first learned the game.

Good topic, OP!

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-01 6:40 pm 
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Back in February 2007 I looked at about 300 cards my friend had in his collection and he had a putrefy amongst them. I fell in love with it, and have been a reactionary control player ever since (ie not permissive based control, but being able to deal with threats control).

I have only evolved three times since. I learned that I enjoyed mana ramp after about six months, work out that I don't like playing combo after one year, and used the graveyard more after about eighteen months.

Those are the only three evolutions I've had as a player.


DCI Level 1 Judge.

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-01 11:52 pm 

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My friend Nate (warble) taught me to play in 2001 or so. He had a mono- green elf weenie aggro deck (pre-onslaught block, so it wasn't that amazing), a sui black deck, a white weenie deck, and no red. My favorite deck, which influenced my playstyle, was a creatureless U/W deck with no wrath effects. It just used 4 counterspells and for creature control it used Portcullis plus Chimeric Staff )the two being a combo, but the latter a a secondary win condition. I was primarily a mill deck. The other creature control was just circles of protection with Sleight of Mind. The engine which drove the deck was Ancestral Knowledge to dig up its combos.

A friend had a red/black fireball, Stone Rain deck with the Urzatron for mana ramp.

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-02 2:53 am 
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Location: Amsterdam, Holland
December 1997: learned to play the game.
January 1998: threw together some cards and build a B/G deck out of them which later evolved into a Speedy G and a controlish B/U deck that were pretty evenly matched.
1998: Kept playing these decks. Build a dreamhalls based deck that would try to drop large guys, mainly verdant force and sometimes serra avatar.
1999: Wizards banned dreamhalls (think this was 1999 anyway), build an equilibrium/aluren based combo deck that among other things included just 3 equilibrium and 2 aluren. (This deck was used many years later against a practicing Julien Nuijten who was world champion at the time as it was the only extended legal deck I had with me, got the perfect draw and actually won, Julien didn't want to play anymore and couldn't really blame him)
1999-2001: Didn't play much magic, sticking with these same decks or building new ones that got simanteled after a short while, became an avid trader though, which formed the basis of my current collection. Build an all common deck based on creatures that like to get sacrificed, such as rukh egg, which is the only deck I kept around from this era. Came in second at an all common tournament with it.
2001: Went to university, where many more people played. Suggested we'd try the proto format there, which was populair all the way from odyssey till mirrodin block (for those unfamiliar, for proto you buy a tournament pack, shuffle up and play for ante, make sure to sign the cards you lose). Also tried my hand at a type 2 madness deck (not those you might remember), never tried type 2 again.
2002: Developed a recursion based combo deck based on stampeding wildebeests and some things like wall of blossoms, it was somewhat like the rock. This started my love with multiplayer.
2003: Continued on this rock like deck and proto, moved away from the combo parts and moved more towards control. Tried my hand at a mana echoes based goblin deck that would try to get a lot of mana and goblins with a bunch of warbreak trumpeters. Even included a mox ruby in the deck.
2004: Eternal witness got released, the rock like deck was vastly improved. Still play it in a comparable configuration to this day. This rock like deck cemented my love for control, recursion and multiplayer. It has held its own in a large number of games.
2005: Just deck tweaking and trading. (May have built some decks I abondoned soon after).
2006: Just deck tweaking and trading. (May have built some decks I abondoned soon after, not much time next to writing my thesis).
2007: Graduated from university and found myself without any place to play. Conveniently some friends told me about a group they played with and I decided to check it out. One of them was a guy I played with back in 1998. This turned out to be a fun multiplayer group that played weekly in a coffeeshop. My rock like deck was a bit on the powerfull side so decided to cook something up with survival of the fittest and dust elemental. This deck evolved from merely good to really good, to my favorite and best multiplayer deck to date. Build 2 combo decks (one sneak attack / hoverguard sweepers based, the other cloudstone curio and exploration / wild growth / enchantress presence based) , both of which I only played once there. I love building combo decks, but not playing them in group games. Surprisingly one was identified as a combo deck when I dropped a second turn wild growth on a forest, after which somebody started removing win conditions from my library turn 3, I would have won turn 4. How about reputation, lol. Also think I started on a last laugh deck back then. Would still laugh to get it to work.
2008: Build a mono red control deck for multiplayer (packing lots of burn to take revenge on people looking my way), a mono blue all common combo deck that frequently goldfish turn 4 (and could do turn 2 kills), a mono black deck with a bunch of first strike creatures and some creature boost for teaching people the game (I had been using those decks from the first 2 years for that purpose), a B/U budget deck mostly based on recursion, a tribal elves combo deck (not the version populair in extended) and worked some more on the dust elemental deck. Introduced proto there as well. By the end of the year we started playing EDH and I built the first version of Mayael.
2009: started on Tetsuo and Lin Sivvi, built a deatrender combo deck because I got me some imperial recruiters. Focus was mostly on tweaking EDH decks and tweaking regular decks I sometimes played when occasionally visiting the university.
2010: tweaked the EDh decks a lot when I got 2 weeks off from work. Tweaked the dust elemental deck. Started on a Sun Quan EDH deck. Regular group is now facing departure of 2 people who feel they can't keep up in the arms race, hard to predict what's going to happen as all players agree 3-4 person games are much less fun and that's what we're facing (anybody from Amsterdam around?)

Or to summarize:
Noob, but not really the Timmy kind. Started combo love.
Avid trader, hardly played.
Fell in love with recursion and control.
Fell in love with multiplayer.
New playgroup, deck building explosion, built many combo decks.
Fell in love with EDH, all decks turn out to become control decks in some way or another, lots and lots of recursion, drawing or filtering. Built an EDH combo deck even, Lin Sivvi, that shares those characteristics as well.

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-02 5:12 am 
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I learned to play when revised was current (though I never had any $ cards). My decks were god-awful, and the only thing that let me win... ever... was the fact that the decks I was playing against were probably even worse. My signature deck was a goblin deck with 18 copies of Mons Goblin Raiders, along with several Goblin Shrines & Goblin Caves and Goblin Kings, and other gobbos. Had to have been 100 cards at least. Our play styles tended to involve building board position to ridiculous levels and then winning all at once. Conversion made me a sad panda. Around 1999 I sold all my cards because I hadn't been playing with them.

I went to college and found magic players there, so I got back into the game. That's when I learned things like stack damage tricks and really became a better player. This whole process though wasn't color-dependant. I played with all the colors at all stages.

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-03 5:36 pm 

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It all began in fall of 1994, when a buddy of mine got a Revised starter. The lot of us, who had been playing D&D, decided to give Magic a try after seeing these cards. I started with a Revised starter and two Fallen Empires boosters, played with all my cards, all five colors, you know the drill.
Around summer of '96, I started putting my eye more toward serious play (by that time, I had discovered the basics of deck-building, starting with 20-20-20 and evolving to something a little more sane). Note that I was still a big dumb Timmy at this point, something which has never really stopped (I really like to put ginormous beasties into the red zone...).
My love for competitive play (and deck building) really reached a head with Invasion block (during which I was building up to 5 or 6 decks a day and testing AT LEAST 2-3 hours).
During Onslaught block, I discovered 5-color, and started playing that in a big way.
During Mirrodin, I stopped playing for a while, getting back in for a short time during Time Spiral.
Most recently, I got back in just before Worldwake dropped, and I've been looking for ways to work my Tim-flavored magic on a competitive(-ish) level (mostly waiting for Alara block to rotate so I don't have to go broke playing 'catch-up') and playing copious amounts of EDH, where my inner Timmy and Spike can both feel a bit of satisfaction (Timmy wins, mostly).

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-04 2:15 am 
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Location: Northridge, CA
I started playing in my Freshman year of high school in 1996. 4th Edition was around and Mirage was the next set to be released. I played big stupid G/B like Craw Wurm and other nonsense. I still remember putting a Lure on a Craw Giant with a Living Lands in play and attacking my opponent who was playing mono-G.

My G/B deck split into stupid G and stupid B, both big Timmy decks with big creatures and no real strategy. A guy at a local store helped me fix up my green deck with Priest of Titania and Summer Blooms. And my mono B deck turned into Living Death/Buried Alive. Somewhere along the way in high school I started collecting. I was still a terrible player, but I begin to really look for foils and such.

I went off to college in SoCal and stopped playing for a semester, though I didn't get rid of my cards, and even bought a Tournament pack of Invasion during my break. I remember seeing the split card, and thinking "What the hell?"

I transferred to a junior college back home and while walking around campus saw some people at a table outside playing magic, I stopped and talked to them and got the catalyst to play again. This group taught me things like removal and combo, though I still preferred to just attack. I added Red to my arsenal of Black and Green, but still hated Blue. I could appreciate White only for my angel collection and Wrath of God, but that was all. I continued to collect the expensive cards and owned several pieces of power before I knew that you shouldn't put more than 60 cards in a deck. We all played the vintage B/R list, but in a casual format. My group started doing tournaments and drafting, I would go and watch and trade and bulk up my collection.

In 2003 I moved back to SoCal for school and attempted to find a new playgroup. The only store I found drafted all the time and played winner takes all. Not the kind of environment for a casual non-tournament player. I stuck with trading/collecting until I took another break around the release of Planar Chaos. I started playing World of Warcraft and played for a couple of years from Future Sight-Shards of Alara. I never got rid of my collection and even still purchased cards for some reason, maybe I knew I was coming back. I bought a foil Garruk from Lorwyn even though I hadn't played in over 6 months.

A bit after Shards had been released, one of the employees at my comic store told me about EDH, knew I was a casual player and suggested that I give it a try. I built a deck around Vorosh for the colors and shot my wad super early in my first game, died very fast, then got to watch how to play EDH. My EDH playgroup really taught me how to play, I finally lost the noobness (kind of), and even did my first draft in Shards-Shards-Conflux (funny considering I started in 4th Ed.) I still really hate constructed tournaments because I hate competitive metagames, and for a collector watching cards rotate sucks a lot. It was really only in Alara block that I embraced Blue, because man do I love drawing cards.

I'm still a big stupid Timmy, and I have too many casual vintage decks, and now I spend WAAAAAYYY too much on collecting, but EDH brought me back to magic, and I'm grateful. I've learned how to do combo, and that generally I dislike it. I can't stand straight control, and still want to punch the person with a handful of counterspells, but I have learned that midrange is my new best friend and that a mix of aggro/control is my favorite, as long as the control aspect isn't hyper counter.

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-04 9:42 pm 

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My evolution of playstyle was a bit similar to SweetRein's. I started out more Timmy and then discovered the power of blue later on. The difference is that I ended up rebounding and have since branched out to work to tweak a vast multitude of decks.

I start playing with the Dominator precon out of Exodus which I did not understand in terms of power. Looking back I should have started with a different deck and ended up playing Mana Surge ramp decks and big green fatties. My other deck that I played a lot back where my Pacificism/Arrest deck which played about 24 of those effects and tried to win with Razorfoot Griffin, my favorite creature back then. Of course no one was smart enough to move away from creature strategies at the time or run Tranquility.

I tinkered around with various Domain and Threshold strategies but I always played Timmy. I had a 5c Invasion Dragon deck that worked the hell out of Dragon Arch. I was still a bad player then but I started to become more of a Johnny. I ran a U/B Wheel and Deal/Underworld Dreams combo deck which I still have.

This was around the time I went off to University and began to immerse myself in the wonderful world of EDH. I'm a solid Timmy/Johnny and have since developed a wide range of decks. My EDH's incorporate a wide range of strategies, both combat and combo/synergy oriented. Recently I went on a deck building tear, building 6 or so 60 card decks from B/R aggro/discard to Warp World/Valakut Combo. I figured that I enjoy all of these play styles and I still have the cards, which aren't that expensive, so why not keep the constructed?

I rebuilt a better version of Pacifism and my Mana Surge/Mono green ramp has gone through a couple of reconstructions but it's still a blast to smash with. I'm a much better player now but there is a difference between being a poor player and gravitating towards a certain playstyle that might seem "sub-optimal" to others. I've grown to appreciate a wide range of playstyles; the thing that has changed is my ability to recognize flaws in their design and tweak them accordingly.

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6] Oros, The Avenger (Rock Burn)
7] Savra, Queen of the Golgari (Token Snack)
8] Rafiq of the Many (One Man, Alone)
9] Reaper King (Taste the EPIC!)
10] Uril, the Miststalker (Dark Rafiq)

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-05 10:48 am 
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When I first started playing with my brothers way back in 1996 we had a very limited understanding of the rules and the whole concept of deckbuilding was completely beyond us. We played with basically our entire collection so usually our libraries were about a foot tall (Scaled Wurm is a total bomb!!). Played on and off for years after that, and I don't remember when we started actually building decks of 60-100 cards, but I do know that I've always been a red player. My deck was stuffed full of all the X spells I could find (Lava Burst, Disintegrate, Fireball etc... I was so happy when I discovered Rolling Thunder) with no mana ramp to speak of. Not really sure how I managed to win thinking back now.

Mirrodin was huge for me with the release of Cloudpost, Doubling Cube and Mana Geyser. I eventually added black for some cheaper creature control and started getting a bit more combat oriented by adding a couple copies of Savage Beating (they let my Fire Elementals kill in one go!) and then added a blue splash later on (mostly for Honden of Seeing Winds) when I realised that card draw won games.

Then I left town for University and came back to my brothers and friends and got destroyed. They had started showing up for FNM's occasionally and the quality of their decks left mine way behind. I tweaked it a bit but eventually realised that X spells can't win by themselves. That's when my Johnny side started to come out. I built a ridiculous "combo" deck using Victimize and Izzet Cronarch as the engine which was totally awesome and competitive enough (if super slow).

I started playing more competitively after that and took up EDH in 2006 (Crosis, the Purger became the general for my adapted Victimize deck). I mostly play EDH these days, but I've always loved Red Deck Wins in standard so I always keep a deck built that I play now and then at tourneys.

Too long? Didn't read? Red is the best colour. Always has been, always will be.

Side Note: My brothers started with monoblue control and monogreen fatties. One of the two other guys we always played with started with white lifegain and the other played whatever he thought was cool at the time (often black since it wasn't represented in the group). I never noticed until now, but the five of us tended towards playing the five different colours... interesting. Anyone else notice this in their groups?

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
AgePosted: 2010-Jul-08 3:43 pm 
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I started out six years ago, and completely failed. I got tired of not playing spells really quick, so all of my decks had green for mana fixing.
Until about 2 years ago, all of my decks were basically singleton, since I had not yet discovered the joys of writing out a decklist. Now I spend more time on that than playing. I came across EDH at a FNM, and I loved it, since my old cards from Kamigawa were playable. I made a horrible Mayael deck, which failed, so a nice regular at FNMs let me borrow one of his decks. I lost because I needed to read almost every card in his deck. I made my Ib Halfheart deck, which I still proclaim as terrible. It dies to Wrath, so I'm trying to fix that. I basically only missed Time Spiral block as far as playing goes. I haven't been playing competitivly for long, only about 2 years. I just played at friends houses.

So far, I've gone from Timmy to Timmy-Johnny. (I seem to be a step behind one of my friends as far as deck themes go, and a step ahead of another friend. Crazy.)

And that's me. I hope people don't yell at me for being boring, because I am, and I would.

Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician
Riku of Two Reflections
Sisters of Stone Death

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 Post subject: Re: Evolution of Playstyle
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I started playing between Exodus and Urza's Saga, around 1998. My favorite card when I started was Recurring Nightmare. I never caught on to the busted-ness of Survival I guess. I played casually with close friends at school for a long time, and then eventually we (around the same time) all decided to start playing more competitively. This was around 2002, and by this time my favorite card was Psychatog. From here, I guess I always was playing some kind of control deck. Almost always permission control, unless it wasn't viable. I love me some good counterspells I guess. Admittedly, I deviated from the counterspell once Mirrodin was out, and diverted to the ridiculousness that was affinity. I'm not going to lie, I didn't enjoy (in any sense of the word) playing affinity. I stopped playing for a while during Mirrodin, then came back when I was able to play Glare. This was also when I started getting into Vintage, where I played Meandeck Gifts. Then after Glare came Dralnu/Teachings. Following that monstrosity, I played Dragonstorm, and once Dragonstorm got boring, I played that shortly lived Countertop deck that existed in Standard. That was, without a doubt, my favorite that I've played in Standard. I didn't play much during Lorwyn, although I wish I had - obviously I would've played Faeries, followed by 5CC. However, the most recent deck I've played in Standard is Mythic. Somewhere in between all that Standard, I started EDH. I've only played 4 decks in my EDH experience: 1) Arcum Dagsson, 2) Maga, Traitor to Mortals, 3) Vendilion Clique, and now Erayo, Soratami Ascendant. I hope that the list of decks I've given can demonstrate some kind of evolution of my play style.

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