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Grixmas 2016
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Author:  Marit Lage [ 2016-Oct-05 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

I'll be sending my info after dealing with Hurricane Matthew.

Author:  Masked Thespian [ 2016-Oct-05 5:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

Sign me up for my fourth consecutive Grixmas gift exchange :D

I don't have a lot of time right now so I won't be making any requests for the moment, but I'll edit this post to add my requests at a later date but before the 26th of October sign-up deadline.

The first thing I’d like to request would be a foil, unaltered, English Hanweir Garrison (preferably prerelease promo, but regular set foil will suffice). During the prerelease I managed to get a Hanweir Battlements as my prerelease promo and I’d really like to get a foiled Hanweir, the Writhing Township Melded in a game at some point. If you can’t get me one then it’s cool: I just wanted to throw that request out there first.

During the Eldritch Moon prerelease I pulled an Ulrich of the Krallenhorde/Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha and I’d like to build a deck based around him. As for a decklist, I haven’t really given it too much thought. The obvious first choice is to do Wolf and Werewolf tribal. When I left Japan I was forced to leave a bunch of cards behind, including all of my Innistrad block commons and uncommon, so any Wolf creatures, Werewolf creatures, and wolf/werewolf-related cards from original Innistrad block (of any rarity) would be nice. I’m good for Shadows over Innistrad/Eldritch Moon commons and uncommons, though any appropriate rares and mythics would be appreciated, like Arlinn Kord, Spirit of the Hunt, or Geier Reach Bandit. Master of the Wild Hunt stands out as a card that would probably do really well in the deck, too.

Going a little beyond that, cards that help me bypass casting spells on my turn would help out. Things like Yeva, Nature’s Herald, Vedalken Orrery, Winding Canyons, Selvala’s Stampede, Aether Vial, Birthing Pod, Call of the Wild, Deathrender, Dramatic Entrance, Hibernation’s End, Lure of Prey, Lurking Predators, Pattern of Rebirth, Summoning Trap, Tooth and Nail, Wild Pair, Genesis Wave, and Garruk, Caller of Beasts.

Alternatively, I could instead go with a deck based around using Ulrich’s Fight ability. In that case, I’d be looking for things like Arena, Ulvenwald Tracker, and Domri Rade as repeatable sources of Fight, as well as good creatures with Deathtouch and/or ETB/dies triggers.

I’d also be grateful for any and all cards with out-of-colour effects (since playing Red/Green tends to be pretty predictable) and decent card draw (things like Harmonize, Greater Good, Sylvan Library, and Sage of Ancient Lore).

If you’re feeling artistic, and decide to send me Werewolves, then I’d love to see some custom art on checklist cards (since I intend to use checklist cards for any Werewolves in the deck). If you don’t have those then it’s okay, I have plenty anyway. Alternatively, one additional copy of each Werewolf would also work (so that I could have one in the deck (instead of a checklist card)).

Having said all of that, there are a few cards on theme for this deck that I’d appreciate not receiving, as I already have copies of them. I’ve listed them here, in this spoiler, so as not to clog up this post even further.

Author:  Spectrar Ghost [ 2016-Oct-05 6:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

Marit Lage wrote:
I'll be sending my info after dealing with Hurricane Matthew.

Be safe.

Author:  Spectrar Ghost [ 2016-Oct-05 6:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

I'll participate this year.

Unreasonable Demands:
Auriok Champion

Second String Rare Duals - Painlands, Checklands, Signetlands, etc.
2-drop Mana Rocks - Signets and Talismans
Zombie tribal
Random Ice Age/Mirage/Tempest/Urza block nostalgics

Selvala, Explorer Returned - Lifegain/Pillowfort
Karlov of the Ghost Council - Lifegain/Voltron
Experiment Kraj
Selvala, Heart of the Wild - green combo
Hanna, Ship's Navigator - Stax
Omnath, Locus of Rage
The Gitrog Monster
Meren of Clan Nel Toth - Relentless Rats

Author:  Marit Lage [ 2016-Oct-05 8:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

Spectrar Ghost wrote:
Marit Lage wrote:
I'll be sending my info after dealing with Hurricane Matthew.

Be safe.

Thanks a bunch. I'll do my best on that one.

Here's to hoping that Matt doesn't pull a Charlie and swing towards central Florida. There's a lot less to go through this time.

Author:  moraff [ 2016-Oct-07 1:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

Count me in as well!

(Presently at gp atl so full post pending.)


Love to be a part of this as always, this year I have a special gift planned for my Victim.

I have completed the chromatic challenge, 27 decks, all updated on the following google doc:

Moraff's Google Doc of 27 commander decks

As always, I love anything that helps with the theme, anything altered (Even Sharpie) and just anything that I may have overlooked in the deck that would work well.

Staples are always good, and anything in Grixis Colors that is festively done usually makes its way into the St. Nicol Bolas deck.

Author:  CrazyPierre [ 2016-Oct-10 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

Segrus wrote:

Grixmas isn't about price. Don't feel compelled to spend a full paycheck getting that perfect card. There's been years known for gifts of Storm Crows.

However, I will be sending stuff in all ranges this year, as I've disassembled a bunch of old decks.
So...I hope my slave giftee enjoys their haul! :)

Author:  Segrus [ 2016-Oct-10 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

Wolfsbane706 wrote:
Also, Segrus, I just noticed that the three cards I ordered for you last year were all Green.

Ack! Totally missed this. Yeah they were, weren't they? That's definitely fine though, as I find places for virtually everything at this point. Green and Red is the most popular colors among my deck least I think they are.

Author:  St. Nic Bolas [ 2016-Oct-10 11:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

I hope everybody came through Hurricane Matthew okay.

Also, reminder to get those Demands updated. You know who you are...


Author:  Shabbaman [ 2016-Oct-11 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

I figured out my demands:

I have all five commander 2011 precons (counterpunch, kaalia etc), but I hardly play these decks because I think they suck. At least they don't really match up against tweaked decks, not to mention optimised decks. The thing is, once I start rebuilding I'll end up with decks that use nothing from the precons but the commanders (and perhaps not even those...). So I figured out a way around this: I can change cards as long as they are from another commander set. This'd prevent me from jamming five Mana Crypts in these decks, for instance (not that I own five Mana Crypts, but I still have two kidneys to correct that problem). As an example, two of the decks run Cultivate, but no Kodama's Reach. I find this very annoying. So, I'd like to receive cards that'd improve these precons and are from other commander precons. Don't forget to mention what cards should go out for the cards you send me!

Also: I like alters.

Author:  Spectrar Ghost [ 2016-Oct-11 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

Shabbaman wrote:
(not that I own five Mana Crypts, but I still have two kidneys to correct that problem)

Where will you get the rest of the kidneys you'd need?

Author:  Tim Proctor [ 2016-Oct-11 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

MY demands have been updated in my original post, my apologies for not stating that.

Author:  Spectrar Ghost [ 2016-Oct-11 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

As have mine.

Author:  St. Nic Bolas [ 2016-Oct-12 1:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

Tim Proctor wrote:
MY demands have been updated in my original post, my apologies for not stating that.

This would impress me more if you actually registered

you aren't the only slacker though...There are at least two more by my count.

If you are interested in receiving (and giving, though it is the receiving season) a card then you must PM me.


Failure to PM your contact information by the deadline will preclude inclusion in this season's event.

Spectrar Ghost wrote:
As have mine.

Updated, with decklists linked. In case you want to verify the correct decks are linked, there were multiple versions of some, like Hanna, Ship's Navigator.

Author:  Tim Proctor [ 2016-Oct-12 9:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Grixmas 2016

Great master, I have sent thee a PM, I shall flogg thyself!

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