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Original EDH Group Shout Out
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Author:  Sheldon [ 2009-Feb-10 9:00 am ]
Post subject:  Original EDH Group Shout Out

I don't know how many of you know the origins of the format, so I'll tell you.

It was actually invented in Anchorage, Alaska, by Adam Staley. In that group, there were the five Elder Dragons as generals, and that was it. If anyone wanted to get into the group, someone had to drop out. In those days, even basic land was highlander, and basic land hate was banned.

When I moved to Virginia in 2003, I got together with a group of folks, one of whom, Justin Norris, had contacted me before I moved there (after reading one of my articles on SCG). Together with Todd Hughson, Brian Ponzar, Chuck Weaver and the late Joe Davis (and later with a few other folks, to include the now also-departed Ron Williams), we formed the nucleus of a group that would hammer out the format. I was having such fun with the format at my home play group, I brought it to the Pro Tour to play with the judges--and the rest, as they say, is history.

I don't know if any of the original guys are here on the forums--but here's to you, my friends. We wouldn't have gotten here without you.

Author:  Nomad [ 2009-Feb-10 9:36 am ]
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There is an email address on this page with their rules and even some non-Elder Dragon generals:

Author:  Sheldon [ 2009-Feb-10 9:40 am ]
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Yeah, that's David Phifer's page. His apartment was the place the format was first played.

Author:  Token [ 2009-Feb-11 3:36 am ]
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This topic probably diserves a post-it. IT'S THE EXPLANATION OF EDH'S ROOTS ! :P

Author:  Philatio [ 2009-Feb-11 5:15 am ]
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These forums clearly had a great hand in it, but how and when did the format get really popular? I know it started to actually get pushed very publicly all of a sudden; I know you, Sheldon, were writing about it on SCG, but I was reading about it on the Wizard's site, and eventually after some time later they even printed the rules in the From the Vault:Dragons set which had an alternate art Nicol Bolas, the general of the progenitor of the format. It even has a paid, supported version on MTGO (Commander 100 Highlander). So it is pretty much a format supported by Wizards. So what was it that made WotC sit up and take notice in what seems to me all of a sudden? Any ideas? You say, "And the rest is history," but I'm not sure it is, as the details seem fuzzy thereafter, compared to other formats like Type 2 or Vintage.

Author:  Drain Life [ 2009-Feb-11 12:36 pm ]
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I agree with Philatio.

I was first told about the format in December 2007 and within 6 months *the summer of 2008* it seems like magic players all over are playing or are at least aware of EDH.

Author:  Sheldon [ 2009-Feb-11 2:21 pm ]
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We started playing in the summer of 2003 in Virginia. I'll have to figure out when I first brought it to the Pro Tour, which is really when it took off. I was still writing for SCG, and I know that there were lots of folks playing it by Pro Tour Atlanta (my first as HJ), which was spring of 2005, iirc.

Without a doubt, the judge community is responsible for the explosion of eDH. We got a big boost at Worlds in San Francisco in 2004, which may have been the first highly-publicized game. Judges then took the format back to their communities, and we got some high-level interest from R&D guys. I remember Alan Comer playing once with us and got hooked.

Scott Larabee should also get some honorable mention. I'll check with him on the first time he remembers playing, but it was my Lord of Tresserhorn deck, and it was love at first sight. I think he played my deck for about a year before building his own, but I know he evangelized the format around the office. Once the guys at WotC who also had public voices started playing, it stepped up again.

That's what I remember off the top of my head...I'll check with some folks on other details.

Author:  Nomad [ 2009-Feb-13 1:15 am ]
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I recall you telling me about it at PT Columbus, I think, Halloween 2004. I didn't actually get to play as all prospective players got tied up in a long game that started before I got in.

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