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 Post subject: Commander 2015 release advice for newmbie
AgePosted: 2014-Nov-08 12:58 am 

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Good Morning!
I'm new to the forum, and also the EDH format and for that I'm approaching it by participating in the release of the preconstructed decks of "Commander 2014" ... start by saying that I will choose Nahari because I like it and I think it's funny how the deck runs.

At this point, I turn to the community forum to ask if anyone has already participated in a few games in multiplayer and tried the limited meta of this year's commander .... you have any advice? what do you think after the test, what is the most fun deck?

I personally think that red is very strong, I proxied 2 decks adhering to the official decklist (nahiri and Daretti) and the white deck has never won a 1v1 (out of 10 games played). I predict that the field of the store where I will play will be heavily red, some advice on how to play against?

thank you all, I hope this my first post as a newbie is just the first of many, I'm already in love with this format, sliver EDH is coming!

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 Post subject: Re: Commander 2015 release advice for newmbie
AgePosted: 2014-Nov-09 12:46 am 

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Welcome to the forum!

The biggest thing is play whatever deck will be the most fun for you. EDH is big on being about whatever you enjoy off rather than just winning games. Since it is mainly a multiplayer format, you can't expect to win a high percent of games, so do whatever seems fun to you.

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 Post subject: Re: Commander 2015 release advice for newmbie
AgePosted: 2014-Nov-09 10:46 pm 
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Okay, as I regularly (each Sunday) play in a group with the same 4 people each week (including myself) we tested the C14 precons yesterday. We each pre-ordered all 5 decks, so we had a total of 20 decks to choose from. We ended playing "our" colors, and chose to only play the new planeswalker as our commanders. I played blue, with red to my left, green to my right and black from across the table. 4 player FFA, the way EDH should be played. So that meant nobody played white, so take all of the below with a grain of salt.

Black began. We started around 7 pm and ended the game around midnight. Yes. It was a 5 HOUR GAME. We could only finish one game. The decks are slow (rarely something of importance happens during the first 5 turns) and pretty weak overall, with LOTS of useless cards in them (mostly lands, but I get to that later). We don't play slow, the decks were SO underpowered and we were simply not used to that. It was fun in the first 3 hours, but our brains melted shortly after. Some of us only wanted to get the game over at some point.

My blue had a lot of useless morphs in it which were really bad late-game draws and had too much leviathans, costing 9 or 10 mana each. Who plays a 9/9 creature for 9? IN MONO BLUE? I hunkered in my bunker a while, with Reef Worm holded the fort. It's a good card, by the way. I kept Teferi in the command zone quite a long time, and ended up wasting him the first time to untap some lands to ramp with Myriad Landscape and mana rocks. On his second appearance he stuck and got me the emblem. Because I had already had around 16-18 mana, I could immediately recast him and ticked him up and down to a maximum of 18 loyality (!) over the next 15 turns or so. I died with a library of 4 Islands, holding back the green elf army (he used Grave Sifter to reload) with my Hoverguard Sweepers & Breaching Leviathan lock using 18 mana each turn. No problem, because I still had 22 islands after my own Disk killed the mana rocks I didn't already turned into cards. Until Green drew Song of the Dryads to make my leviathan and me sad and ran me over, keeping Teferi at the 17 loyality he had at that time. The deck should've had more hard counters. It's strong nonetheless, but without any synergy and needs a massive overhaul.

The red deck has too many rocks. Simple as that. Too much ramp, too much artifacts that do nothing. No real sac outlet and no way to actually gain cards. My Crypt and Bojuka Bog some turns later crippled him a LOT. Okay, he ended up with pretty much every rock or mana artifact in play and could easily re-cast Daretti the fifth time. Yup, that's 14 mana. But had nothing going otherwise, so we let him have his emblem because Daretti sucks without any support. And he had not a lot in the first place. Except the time he Dualcaster'd my Stroke of Genius targeting Black (I get to that also later, I swear). He ended the game dying to some random green dudes some turns later. The red deck is strong, but with too much emphasis on mana rocks and only 3 artifact finishers (Wurmcoil, Battlesphere, Hellkite) it's lacking power.

The black deck got going faster than the others, with the right amount of sweepers and spot removal. He died to my Stroke of Genius for X=18, after he got to creedy with his emblem. Yes, he also got the emblem and worked pretty hard for it too. Happened in the same turn round I got mine, with red following 2 turns later. The +2 sucks by the way, but the emblem is SICK. He got pretty nerfed & nerved by Predator, Flagship out of the green deck and refused to play his flyers into the Flagship for some turns. With no real artifact removal in the decks (except of green, duh) Predator survived 10+ turn rounds. Raving Dead had no time to party either and died with summoning sickness from a random spell. He also gained some life out of the emblem and Ob Nixilis, which didn't matter in the end, because: Stroke you!

The green deck had mana issues (yup, I said that) in the beginning, and assembled army after army... straight into Red's Starstorm & Blasphemous Act or Black's Mutilate & Black Sun's Zenith. Yes, we had 5 sweepers this game (also counting the Disk I popped near the end), each stopping the game again. He could rebuild every time with the hordes of creatures the deck has. He ended the game with 60+ cards in his hand. Yup. He untapped, resolved his ultimate, cast Grim Flowering and Praetor’s Counsel in the same turn, with got him access to Song of the Dryads. I was dead after that. The deck is a simple, synergystic elfball with lots of dumb creatures that die and die board swipe after board swipe. He managed to win nevertheless, to everyone's surprise.

Some problems with the decks:
- Some colorless cards clearly in the wrong decks. Reliquary Tower in the red one instead of blue or black? Crown of Doom in blue instead of green? WTF were they thinking?
- Some strange choices (useless morphs, Riptide Survivor, Jalum Tome and a lot more)
- Cards like Well of Ideas, Raving Dead and Stormsurge Kraken which only found their way into the decks to put new cards into existence. The kraken seems like a leftover from Theros with the added Lieutnant hurdle which could've been easily be left out. Feels cheap.
- Bad cards that are OBVIOUS swaps. No thought process involved / required for noobs and pros alike. Bad cards are bad.
- WAY to much mana. Come on, 40+ lands with 4-6 mana rocks? Why? By the time one of us got eliminated, every one of us had 15-30 mana in play. We were glad Black didn't draw Tendrils of Corruption, because he had 20+ Swamps. I died with 22 Islands btw. WTF.
- No real finishers, but a LOT of game turners. Which makes the games a grindfest. And a bit random. The sentence "damnit, now X will win!" got said constantly.
- Red, green and probably the white deck are too focused on one aspect, I mean regarding the use of the cards for other decks the buyer likes to build. WTF do I need all these elves for?! The useless morphs?
- C'mon, Sol Ring in every deck? Why not Solemn Simulacrum or Burnished Hart in EVERY deck? These are cards most EDH players want. We already have a bunch of Sol Rings from the old decks, and Sol Ring isn't fair in the first place.
- The blue one has useless morphs.

What the decks do good:
- Nearly perfect balance, no deck is significantly weaker
- Some strong rares, some bad rares. But it's rares!
- They create epic plays. Sometimes. Most of the times you feel like you're playing with... power? No. "Land, go" was common, and not just in blue, but also in red or black.
- Only the blue deck has useless morphs.

The conclusion: I love the new decks. For the cards. The decks themselves are bad.

Also: Useless morphs.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope - Angels Equip
Bruna, Light of Alabaster - Hexproof A-holes
Erebos, God of the Dead - RTFCs
Ertai, the Corrupted - Esper Tokens
Karador, Ghost Chieftain - Reanimator Rock
Karn, Silver Golem - No Eldrazi
Nin, the Pain Artist - Steal/Control
Rith, the Awakener - Doomsday combo, of course
Ruric Thar, the Unbowed - AC
Talrand, Sky Summoner - No creatures

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 Post subject: Re: Commander 2015 release advice for newmbie
AgePosted: 2014-Nov-10 2:29 am 

Joined: 2013-Jan-07 1:45 am
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adding some comments from my experience -

bought the blue one, a friend bought the white one. We played against U/W Sygg (voltron) and U/B Sygg (reanimator).

I think the Syggs figured they should leave us alone with the precons and fight against each other mostly. Which is probably right.

Blue felt strong. I played the general early and used +1 a lot. I had more cards than everyone else, and I was impressed with how good picking one of two and bottoming the other one was, because, man, I always bottomed a land. Cause there's a lot of land.

White made a lot of tokens but couldn't draw an equipment. He eventually drew the 1-mana copy-an-equipment card and copied the U/W sygg's sword of feast and famine. He shut down the reanimator Sygg with containment priest, which is absurdly powerful.

The U/B Sygg had a high-powered deck which played sol ring turn 1 and buried alive turn 2 and later would snapcaster back the buried alive. He also played living death twice in the game using that same snapcaster.

Reef Worm is awesome. Through multiple living-deaths, I ended play with a 3/3 fish, a 6/6 whale, AND a 9/9 kraken in play, simultaneously. That's a lot of power for 4 mana.

We only lived through the reanimator Sygg's stuff because we all tried hard to stop him. White's containment priest, my cyclonic rift, and the U/W Sygg's terminus were all pretty timely answers to his huge dudes.

Not clear who would have won, cause, the game went long and we couldn't finish. In general it felt cool, these decks had a lot of flexible answers and didn't seem massively underpowered against two real decks. I might have won eventually with a bunch of morphs in play and dropping infinite reflection on my artisan of kozilek -> annihilator:8 and 36 power of dudes.

I liked the big finishers in blue and the ramp; the ramp together with the card draw on the general is pretty good.

Kothophed (mono black control, ETB abuse)
Teferi, Temporal Archmage (blue pillowfort superfriends)
Glint-Eye Nephilim (combat tricks, card draw, & creature pump)
Oloro Upkeep Tribal (enchantment-based control)
and more:Decklists

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