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 Post subject: BANNED LIST ANNOUNCEMENT: July 2015
AgePosted: 2015-Jul-13 3:09 am 
EDH Rules Committee
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No Changes

No Changes

With the “tuck rule” changes made back in March, no rule changes are on the docket this time around. The tuck rule changes will be in the Magic Comprehensive Rules update that will be released with Magic Origins.

Speaking of Magic Origins, it is about to release and we’re all pretty excited! Looks like a great set for Commander.

The 5 double-faced Legendary Creatures in Magic Origins are, of course, playable as commanders. Remember:
- They’re still Commanders while their Planeswalker side is face up.
- If they leave play while they are a Planeswalker, they can return to the Command Zone (though they return with the Legendary side face up).

Have fun, everyone!

Scott M. Larabee - OP Programs Manager
Wizards of the Coast
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Angus MacKenzie (Planeswalker Control)
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