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 Post subject: BANNED LIST ANNOUNCEMENT: September 2013
AgePosted: 2013-Sep-15 2:54 pm 
EDH Rules Committee

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Here's the news you're waiting for up front: There are no changes to the banned list. Commander is in a good place right now. Sure, there are some potentially unfun cards out there, but most of them either telegraph their unfun-ness, or have too much potential for awesome in the right hands to be kept down. A few months of playing with the new Legend rule suggests that it hasn't made anything more problematic. As for the current list, as a thought exercise all the RC members named a card they felt was closest to being removable from the banlist. No card got named twice.

We are making a small change to the format. For a long time, the "Optional" section has confused people. Are they official optional rules? Do they apply on a per-player or per-playgroup basis? The goal of the section was to show how flexible the format could be and that there was no problem tailoring the rules to suit your playgroup, but we feel that it wasn't accomplishing this goal in its current form. So, we're going to replace it with a "House Rules" section where we discuss the philosophy of house rules and link to some popular/and or interesting ones other groups have adopted. If your group has a house rule you'd like us to consider linking to, please suggest in in this thread.

The main impact of this change is that there won't be any endorsement of sideboards as an 'official optional' rule, though playgroups continue to be welcome to house-rule them into existence as they desire. Originally, the sideboard rules were conceived as a way to give a little more structure to competitive playgroups, but that never got much uptake; the few people who did adopt sideboards mostly did so as wishboards, and not as the intended group decision.

The League Rule also goes away, but the new Legend rule made that irrelevant already.

Theros looks like it's going to be a slam-dunk for Commander - sets dripping with flavor produce great generals and support cards alike - so go out and get brewing!

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